Keebmonkey KBMG68 Double Mounted Gasket Keyboard Kit



It should be the cheapest gasket keyboard you can ever have. Both the plate and the PCB are gasket mounted, resulting in a deep thocky sound. The shell of the kit is made of 6-layers of acrylic boards, leaving huge space for modding and continuous improvements (even though this kit already sounds perfect when it's out of the box). We may increase the price of this product since margins are pretty low now.

Type Test

EST Fulfillment: 10 Dec 2021


  • Type: Double Gasket Mounted
  • Socket: Kailh Hot-Swap Sockets
  • Connectivity: Wired, Type-C
  • Keys: 68
  • Stabs: Plate Mount(Not incl.)
  • Back Light: WS2812 
  • Back Glow: WS2812B
  • Dampening Pad: Acrylic
  • Chip: ATMega32U4-AU
  • PCB: 1.2mm-thick High-Quality PCB
  • QMK Support

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