Keytok CTRL Semi-Transparent Keycap Set

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Thanks to the ground-breaking technology used in making the injection molding mold of these keycaps, the Keytok CTRL Keycap is able to bring double-shot keycaps to a whole new level. We name these keycaps semi-transparent keycaps since one side of the keycap is made of colored, translucent, Poly-carbonate material, which enables the RGB light of your keyboard to go through the keycap, offering a nice lumination. 


The CTRL keycaps are offered in 3 colorways, and 122 keys are included in the set.

Process: Dye Sublimation

Material: PBT+PC

Keys: 122

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Customer Reviews

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So Pretty!

These caps look fantastic in person. They are solid and well-made. They look exactly as pictured and the transparent purple is very satisfying. This was my first build and I am stoked with how it came out. Also they arrived in just about 7 days (to the west coast of the US), beating my expectations!

Bob Kägesen
The audacity

This has nothing to do with the keycaps. I’m sure they’re great. The problem is, that I have yet to receive them, and just got an email, asking me to review this item, stating that they have fulfilled my order 27 days ago? I have been in contact with them the past week, so they should know not to mark the order “fulfilled”, making me receive this automated email. It just rubs me the wrong way.

Unique keycaps with a retro feel

These are pretty cool. The print feels a bit fuzzy in areas but that's the nature of dye-sub PBT. The polycarbonate portion has a nice frosted look to it, which softens LED lighting. White looks kind of dumb through these but orange/red looks great and some other colors, such as pink or green actually look pretty decent too. For what I paid, I'm pretty happy with these and it only took 54 days to receive them.

Great set of keycaps - fits low profile Gateron switches!

Installed on my Nuphy75 and fits with low profile Gateron switches!

William Voecks
Beautiful keycaps, wrong color, not enough

I really like the set, but I received the wrong color (I ordered mint, but I got orange), and it doesn't have all of the caps I need to fit either my Keychron V6 (108-key full-size) or Keychron K2V2 75%.

Purple Semitransparent Keycaps

The keycap set is quite pretty, feels like good quality, and the quality control on all the caps have been great.

The RGB on my keyboard shines through the sides of the key and adds a good bit of character to my keyboard.

Only complaint is that the transparent sides are VERY prone to dust build up. Definitely should have an air blower or a cloth nearby to help clean the caps.

Jacob Oras

Keytok CTRL Semi-Transparent Keycap Set

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