KeebMonkey Iceberg Linear Switches

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The Keebmonkey Iceberg is a budget linear switch at an exceptional price, customized from a reliable manufacturer.


The switch is smoother thanks to the dust-proof moulds and factory lube, ensuring no extra work is needed to bring them to a usable state. It also has less spring and leaf ping than competing switches. 

The switch uses an extended dual-rate spring, ensuring flawless activation and satisfying feel every time. The actual usage forces are slightly higher than listed thanks to this.


Switch in Video:

1. Iceberg Switch 2. Gateron Cap yellow 3. TTC pink gold 4. MOMOKA Frog


Contact for review inquires.



Char: Low force linear switch, 3Pin

Pressure: 46gF Actuation, 55gF Bottom out

Upper Housing: PC

Stem: POM

Base: Nylon

Spring: Dual-rate extended steel spring

Lube: Lubed in Factory


Customer Reviews

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Savanna Osowski

KeebMonkey Iceberg Linear Switches

Bad Mark
Good choices at decent prices

Lots of cool things to check out

Nice budget switch

It is a nice budget switch, tight housing. Still a little scratchy though, would be perfect if it is a touch smoother.

Jorge Guerrero
Nice budget switch *sleeper*

Smooth out of the box
if you wanted to be lazy about lubing you can get away with just lubing the springs
no housing wobble (the thing is tight)
even force from top to bottom
minimal stem wobble
nice thock!
*Note: you will have a blue hue when using white light look at image below, ignore the alphas and modifiers those are salmon switches)

Very good switch for the price

These took a while to ship but I think it was well worth the wait. These are very nice switches that are very smooth and have a unique feel thanks to the long spring. The weighting feels around 50g so perfect for me. I highly recommend lubing these switches because it improves the smoothness and sound a lot. Overall this is a great budget switch and I'm excited to use them in a future build!

Awesome budget switches

Nice color switches. I can still feel some scratchiness on a few but overall they are a little smoother than non-lubed switches. They're good budget switches and would be something to consider if you're starting out or just want some alternative to Gat yellow.

Rick Wang
Nice switches

This switch is pretty decent for its price. The housing is very tight so no film is required, and they did a good job for the factory lube.
The iceberg switches are slightly more scratchier than my l&f milky gateron yellows and alpaca v2s, and the sound is louder and higher pitched than the other 2.
Overall, it is a good budget linear switch that you won't regret buying :o


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