Megalodon VFD Aluminum Hot Swappable Switch Tester Clock

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Have you ever imagined checking out the time with a switch tester? With the megalodon VFD Aluminum Hot Swappable Clock, you are finally able to do that. 


This clock is made of 6063 Aluminum, with a total of 4 colors available. The buttons on the top of the clock are hot-swappable and you are able to place any MX switch and replace the switches of the buttons. White LED lights are installed under the switches which provide a nice luminance at night.

Please take note that this product is not a keyboard, it is a clock.


Material: 6063 Aluminum

Process: CNC

Switches: Outemu Linear Switches

Keycaps: Blank XDA Keycaps

Display: VFD

Back Light: White LED

Memory: Time memory even when unplugged

Interface: USB C

D/M: 11x50x3.3 (Centimeters)

Weight: 180g

Mode: Time/Count Down/Night Mode/Date


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Customer Reviews

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Joshua Ritter
Dont know if i will ever use it

But cool for show

Pricey for what it is, but still enjoyable.

First of all, I'd say that I'm happy with my purchase, but there are definitely some pain points to talk about.

There aren't many functions to this clock. It tells the time down to seconds, the date in the Day-Month-Year format, and the buttons have a white backlight... That's about it, or at the very least that's all I could figure out since the product doesn't come with a manual. That's a very obnoxious oversight that I docked an entire star for. I also think it's a little silly that you can't change your preferences for the date or time format, and it's currently unclear to me whether this clock is in a 12 or 24-hour format. There are also a couple of settings that I just haven't figured out yet. Had there been a manual, I'm sure it would have included this information.

Now, regarding the build. Standard keycap pullers will not work with this product, but a specialized keycap/switch puller is provided, so it's not a deal breaker for me. The aluminum case is actually quite nice, and the build quality is solid. In regards to switch testing, I found the clock to be a bit hollow compared to any of my keyboards, and I haven't tried cracking it open to dampen the sound yet. The clock is nice and compact at about the size of a standard computer mouse, so it fits right into my desktop setup. However, I think for others it might be too small.

Overall it's a nice addition to my collection, but I do think that $69 for what it provides is steep considering the lack of features and programmability for the clock part of this little novelty. If you have the disposable income to burn and you like the aesthetic, I wouldn't discourage a purchase, but for an average consumer, I'd definitely say it isn't worth buying. Hopefully more fleshed out iterations will be available in the future.

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