Keebmonkey x Amibit KBM68 Budget Keyboard kit

Save $55

$25 $80


It should be the cheapest mechanical keyboard you can ever have. Only about 150 units left for this batch. (Measured at 1718 sold). In stock and can be dispatched in 24h on business days. 

EST Fulfillment: In Stock, less than 36h. 


  • Type: Tray-Mount
  • Socket: Amibit Hot-Swap Socket (Compatible with MX and BOX Switches, 3Pin and 5Pin), North-Facing
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 (2-Device Memory)and 2.4G (Receiver Included)
  • Keys: 68
  • Material: High-Quality White ABS Material
  • Report Rate (Wireless): 125Hz(About 8ms)
  • Plate: Steel (White)
  • Dampening Pad: Molded Silicone, Enhanced Noice Cancellation
  • Battery Life: Up to 2 Months 
  • Battery: 2xAAA
  • Stock Stabs: POM Plate Mount Stabs (Unlubed)
  • PCB: 1.2mm-thick High-Quality PCB
  • NO Wired Connections
  • NOT Compatible with QMK



Type Test with Iceberg Switches(Official): YouTube

Build: YouTube 

Type Test with Gat Yellow: YouTube 


Quick Manual: 

Press FN+Q to switch to 2.4G mode. Press FN+Q for 5s to pair the RF receiver.

Press FN+W for 5 seconds to enter Bluetooth detectable mode, for pairing the first device. 

Press FN+E for 5 seconds to enter Bluetooth detectable mode, for pairing the first device. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
I haven’t even gotten it yet.

It’s funny how I’m asked to give a review to a product I ordered at the beginning of the month which turned out wasn’t even shipped until I contacted the store two weeks after purchasing the item. I mean you want a review, you’ll get one.

Noah Santos
I never received my keyboard

I ordered The beginning of November and they still haven’t shipped yet. Then when I tell them I never got it I never got a response back.

Patrick RMC
Sceptical but very good

After reading the allegations about it being a scam I was a bit worried but it arrived after around 20 days and it was one of the best keyboards ive tried, especially for the price. The keyboard felt good and after a minimal amount of modding it sounded like my fully modded nk65 EE or maybe even better. The bluetooth worked flawlessly and the wireless had minimal input delay making it good for games like Fortnite and other shooters where you need precise and fast input. Overall a great build and I'll 100% be buying more

Clayton Johnson
Ordered two months ago and has not arrived

Ordered two months ago and has not arrived

Hasnt arrived yet

I ordered it a month ago and it its not here

Benson Jiang
still hasnt arrived??

its been 2 months and nothing has arirved yet???

Luke Vo
Girlfriend loved it

I built this keyboard as a gift for my girlfriend and she was amazed with how it came out. It was super cheap and affordable and had a good feel and sound.

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