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An excellent collection requires an even better way to display it. With the Keebmonkey Keyboard Stand, you'll have no problem showing off your keyboards with pride. Featuring strong stainless steel bracing bars, high-quality acrylic paneling, and an anti-slip silicone strip to hold your keyboards and the stand stably in place, any collection will look stunning and secure. With your choice of single or triple bay stands, an optimized display angle to show off your keycaps, a low centre-of-gravity, this stand is suitable for any size of collection or keyboard.


Materials: acrylic and stainless steel

Dimensions (Single Bay): 14.2cm x 9.9cm (5.6in x 3.9in)

Dimensions (Triple Bay): 26.9cm x 13.2cm (10.6in x 5.2in)

Shipping: 2USD for US UK EU addresses, 5USD to the rest of the world

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8mm (.3in) thick acrylic side panels

Stainless steel bracing bars

35cm (13.8in) long silicone anti-slip strip

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