IBM Model M Refurbished Keyboard

Logo: Blue logo
Sale price$110.00



  • Lead time: 10-60 days
  • DM: 50*21*4 (cm)
  • Weight: 2.5KGs + 1KGs Packaging 
  • Bolt Mod
  • Fully Cleaned
  • 50 Stainless Steel Rivets installed
  • Coiled cable included (made from 3m cable)
  • Connection: RJ45, cable unpluggable
  • Condition: 80%-New
  • Grey logoed versions are more scarce, and they are originally adapted with the RJ45 terminal. 


How's the condition:

The keyboard is refurbished, so there may be scratches, we can make sure that there are no cracks on the keyboard. All units are checked before shipping. Imperfections are unavoidable so please make sure that you can tolerate small imperfections. 

Why use stainless rivets:

The silicone dampening pad is aged and comes off the PCB. In order to reinforce this, we applied stainless steel screws.

Do stainless steel screws affect the feeling of the keyboard: 


Why is this product worth the price: 

  • Original Keycaps are used, it is hard to put together a set of keycaps, and we need to pick keycaps from a few units in order to put together one set of keycaps. 
  • We customized high-quality coiled cables for the keyboard, the cables are long. Considering some of the customers may require longer cables, we included an extension USB cable in the package.
  • The keyboard is huge, which requires customized cardboard boxes.




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