WK870 Gasket Aluminum Hot-Swappable Keyboard

Variant: Purple
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Update: About to run out of stock.
Since this is selling well and will be out of stock very soon, we may try asking the manufacturer if they could find more in their warehouse. (In other colors). 
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$59 = Aluminum, Gasket, Groved PCB, Knob, Stabs, Foams, PC Plate, Daughter Board, RGB, Hot Swap, Powerful Driver, Weight, Coiled Aviation Connector Cable is a HUGE DEAL
We are pretty sure this is the most budget keyboard you can get, ever.
The WK870 Aluminum Alloy Keyboard features an exquisite aluminum alloy housing with a sandblasted finish for a matte appearance. Its 87-key layout maintains essential functions, while the front boasts a metal knob and nameplate, and the bottom showcases a mirrored metal surface, delivering impeccable attention to detail.
With a Gasket structure for a soft and responsive typing experience, 18 customizable RGB lighting effects, and support for on-the-fly key remapping and hot-swapping, it combines practicality with aesthetics, ensuring a premium typing experience.



Material: Aluminum alloy
Structure: Gasket
Plate: Polycarbonate
Foam: Yes
RGB: South Facing
Stabs: Included, Plate Mount
Knob: Yes
Remappable: Yes, own software
Dimensions: 367*150*25mm
Weight: 2000g
Layout: 84 keys + 1 knob
Connection: Type-C
Supports 3/5-pin switches
Includes Coiled Keyboard Cable

In stock, very limited stock

Driver Screenshots

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  • 9/20: We have received samples of the other colors
  • 9/20: The manufacturer is able to provide some stock in other colors
  • 9/20: , coming from half-finished WK870s, they stopped the product line months before, leaving some excesses.
  • 9/20: We will purchase all of the remaining units, and this will be the final number since the factory has already recycled the molds of the keyboard
  • 9/20: The QTY will be around 900 (All colors)
  • 9/18: Manufacturer to paint more units Purple and sell us 40 more
  • 9/18: Checking Status and Stock Levels of other units
  • 9/18: We decided to include a coiled cable in the package
  • 9/18: We decided to include a JWK Switch Sample In the Package
  • 9/18: Ship ETA is 9/19
  • 9/18: We may start a flash sale when we have the time on our Discord
  • 9/15 10:00 PM CST: 56 Units Sold Out
  • 9/15 3:00 PM CST: Contacted the manufacturer and 56 more units were found
  • 9/15 2:00 PM CST: 100 Units Sold Out
  • 9/15 10:00 AM CST: Product Release (Only 100 Units)


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