MOMOKA Festival Keyboard Cable

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A standard keyboard cable with a unique price. 

Clearance reason: We ordered too much, cables are not that easy to sell.


Coil Spec:

Cords: 4.7[3.8(19/0.08*2C+43/0.08*2C)+ Dark Pink PP Fiber+Red PET Braid

Inner Coating: TPU

Diameter of Coil: OD:25mm

Coil Length:13cm

End of Coil (Straight) Length:9cm

Straight Part Spec:

Cords: 4.7[3.8(19/0.08*2C+43/0.08*2C) +PP Fiber+PET Braid

Inner Coating: TPU

Connector:M12-4PIN Connector

Length: 1m

USB 2.0



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
A bit disappointing

The metal part of the usb came apart from the actual usb so when I pulled it out I only pulled out the metal part.
The screws are attempted to be painted white but done very poorly, only the head and tip of the screw are painted and only partially the threads.
The cable is harder than expected, not just more stiff but also not as soft to the touch as I expected.
The coloring in the pictures are definitely brightened and more saturated than irl. It's just a bit paler. The colors are close but as if you painted a thin white layer of paint over the color.
I would have rather paid ten dollars for this, I weep for anyone who paid full price at 36$.

Metal plate of the usb c is loose

Cable is good and price is cheap than the others. but The metal plate that holds the usb c is loose. I plugged it to keyboard but when I unplugged it only the plate cover pulled off while the usb was left on the port.

Alex Heaton
Different than I expected

The color is not as bright as I expected. It is almost pastel. The cable is also kind of hard. This is my first time buying this kind of coiled cable and it is not as awesome as I thought it would be. But it is OK because it was not expensive.

Andrew Kinstler

Not even close to the colors pictures on the site.

Kyle Crowley
Awesome cable!

Quality is great and I love the color combo

Adam Uong
slight defect

I don't know if its just an issue with my order but on the part where the connector screws in, the part that moves does not go straight. As such, when screwed in, it is uneven. I find the cable and the coil a bit short but over all its a pretty nice cable, especially at the discount it was when I bought it.

Elliot Chong

MOMOKA Festival Keyboard Cable

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