Megalodon Triple Knob Macro Pad

Variant: Yellow
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In Stock, Very Limited! WHITE and BLACK, Pink, SOY NOT in Stock


  • Hot Swappable
  • 3 Clickable Knobs
  • 4 Layers with Display
  • Back Light: 16 RGBs (ws2812)
  • VIA Compatible
  • NOT QMK compatible

Remapping Instructions:

  • Housing Material: Aluminum 6063
  • Translucent Acrylic Base
  • D/M: 142x96x32 (mm)
  • Weight: 320 Grams
  • Process: CNC
  • Surfacing: Anodized/Electrophoresis
  • Keys: 16
  • 16 Gateron Yellow Switches are included
  • 16 Blank XDA keycaps included
  • 3 Knobs, clickable
  • 4 Layers, can be displayed on the screen.
  • 0.91 Inch OLED Screen
  • Connection: Type-C

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Cam Agema
    Tricky At First But Great Once I Figured It Out!

    I have never gotten or used one of these kinds of things before. I had no idea about custom keyboard or flashing the device to set up the key binds I wanted. But once I found the VIA web app (, and once it recognized the device, it was amazing. Be able to have 4 different profiles that I can change on the fly really easily is great. The keyboard is small yet functional and suits by needs/wants very well

    JV Jarrett
    Best macro pad ever!!!!!!

    I have used a stream deck and many other kinds of streaming macro pads and they were good.......but the megalodon is that thing you needed but you just didn't know as yet, the sheer number of macros you can create and the fact that it has four different levels!!!!! The megalodon it's second to none. GET IT !!!!

    Roman G.
    Useful macropad

    Very useful swiss knife in hardware world.
    I suggest to pick the vial way. It gives you option to setup the macropad on the web without installing additional app.
    Tip: I received it with usb usb-c cable so it won't work with Mac out of the box. Make shure you have usbc-usbc cable in such case

    Simon Lassen

    Megalodon Triple Knob Macro Pad

    Douglas Smith
    Software needs Improvement

    I like the hardware, but the Via software is really a pain in the ass to use.

    I should be able to move keystrokes from one key to another.

    I should be able to edit existing keystrokes without recreating them from scratch.

    I should not have to reimport the KB16via.json file each time I start the app. The software should remember or already know my hardware configuration.

    There should be a mode where I can insert key codes simply by hitting the correct key combinations.

    The variety of different key codes that are available for the *same* keystrokes are confusing and make it harder to use. The key codes should be standardized.

    Jess Osborn

    Works great after updating the firmware, love it!

    Addicted to it!

    I'm glad I ordered this macropad. It's a beast! I have everything setup already and making my life easier. The only drawback is that it's not that easy to setup. My pc didn't recognise the pad with VIA so I had to install VIAL. I wish there is an official firmware update so the knobs can be assigned to more keys and macros. Other then these comments, I'd definitely recommend to buy this pad to anyone who is looking for it.

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