Lugoo Deer in the Woods Ice-dew Caps

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These Lugoo Deer in the Woods keycaps are excellent additions to any keyboard.


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PBT Material

132 Keycaps

Cherry Profile

Dye Sublimation Legends



Customer Reviews

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Not the same color

Yeah the colors are vivid in the advertisement pictures - but not the same in person, not by a long shot

Colors are far more muted than in sample photos

To echo the other reviews, the colors are not as advertised. They are far more subdued. The deep teal is really more like sage green, and the gold novelties are closer to buttercream.

However the colors of the desk mat (which I got off Drop since keebmonkey was unable to fulfill my order) are similarly muted. See the pictures below. It’s not a bad match, so I’m okay with it.

To be sure I would have preferred the vibrancy that was advertised, but at least the manufacturer’s colors were consistent across product lines.

Harpreet Singh

Really good product.

Harold Forbis
Good keycaps

Good keycaps 👍


I was really excited for this keycap set but the quality control is very poor. The first set I received had an entire row of keycaps missing, so I emailed customer service and they sent me a new set immediately. However, the new set didn’t have the same keycaps as the first one and it’s MUCH lighter in color compared to both the listing image and my first set. The material also feels like cheap plastic. It’s not too big of a loss for me since I got it for around $25, but this might be the first and last time I ever purchase from here. The asdf row as well as some of the yellow accent keys on the bottom left are from the second set I received.

Poor Advertising/Quality Control

The set I received was a much lighter shade than the keys shown in the listing, also the print quality is variable as some look great while my "8" key is missing symbols.

Very pretty, decent quality but it seems like these caps all sound different

I like the look of these caps but it's a bit weird that they actually all sound slightly different and indicates that maybe each cap might have a variable amount of plastic in it.
Physically I'm not a huge fan but visually they are quite nice.

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