MOMOKA Flamingo Switch

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More than 3 people said that the flamingo switch is the smoothest linear switch on the planet, we think they are right. 

The price is for 1pcs. 

  • Type: Linear
  • Operating Force: 67gF
  • Operation Point: 1.9mm
  • Total Travel: 3.9mm Dual-Rate Extended Steel Springs
  • Factory-Lubed
  • Extremely Smooth & Incredibly Stable
  • 3Pin POM/PC/PA66
  • Dupont Materials
  • Thocky
  • In stock

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Deadeye Dave
OK, but somehow not as good as Frogs

They just don't feel as clean or smooth. Not bad, but Frogs are better.

Not Bad

I really enjoy these switches when they work. I ordered 90 and I have already had 5 start to fail. I had tried to contact Keebmonkey, but was otherwise ignored. The sound and feeling are good though for the most part. Have a couple that are a little scratchy. If you order them I would recommend ordering quite a few extras.

Taylor Crosby
Still haven’t received switches

I would truly love to give a higher review but cant at the moment since I haven’t received the order yet which shipped over a month ago! I’ll be happy to update this review once I receive the switches:)

Grigoris A.
Great sounding and great feeling switches!

I ordered mine as soon as they ran the offer as i wanted to try some linear switches for a while. Coming from a tactile brown switch to these ones, the feel is buttery smooth and they sound amazing!

I absolutely love my choice and I love these switches!

Using them on my Keebmonkey x Amibit KBM86 keyboard, modded with extra foam and tapemodded.

Alex Gingrich
Incredible Stock Linears

These are some of the smoothest stock linear switches I have ever used. I would compare them favorably to tangies. The stock long spring is very smooth with no spring ping even though it is not gold. Stem wobble is minimal in both north south as well as east west directions.

I would recommend these stock to anyone who is looking for a linear switch but doesn't want to lube or film them.

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