CIY GAS67 Gasket Keyboard Kit

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Color: Black
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CIY's first gasket keyboard is premium in quality and budget in price.

EST Fulfillment: In stock, (Purple and Green), 5 Days (Black)


  • High-quality coiled cable included
  • Type: Gasket
  • Socket: Amibit Hot-Swap Socket (Compatible with MX and BOX Switches, 3Pin and 5Pin), North-Facing
  • Connectivity: Type-C
  • Plate: PC
  • Dampening Pad: Molded Silicone, Enhanced Noice Cancellation
  • Gaskets: PORON (16 Long, 8 Short)
  • Stock Stabs: POM PCB Mount Stabs (Unlubed)
  • PCB: 1.2mm-thick High-Quality PCB
  • Switch-Dampening-Pad
  • Type-C Daughter PCB
  • RGB Customizable Backlights
  • Remappable Keys

Driver: Link  


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Good board just one major issue.

You may think I'm talking about the plastic case or even the sockets. No, my board came with a defective off-and-on switch. This is a significant inconvenience considering one of the reasons I bought this board was for that on and off switch. Other than that the board sounds good and works well.

random guy
really good budget custom keyboard kit

I gotta say, this thing is amazing. For the price the kit is really good, this was my first custom build and it came out wonderful. I paired mine with some akko rose reds and some dark olviva reps, i also tape modded it. The only problem i have with this kit is the fact that the stock stabs are trash, i actually ended up using some durock v2s instead. Anyways great kit, definetly worth it especially if its your first custom build.

Bon Tran
low quality hotswap sockets

it's been a few weeks of usage, and i've gotten a long milage on this keyboard. i've been swapping the key switches quite frequently since day one. from the moment i started using this keyboard, i noticed a strange tightness in the hotswap sockets whenever i place a keyswitch inside. it is not a problem of the key switches themselves, as the brand and thickness of the pins vary, so i know that the problem i'm about to state is due to the different brand of hotswap sockets that ciy is using. in fact, ciy is using their own branded hotswap sockets instead of the more standard kalih hotswap sockets or the similar like. i had no problems thus far, until my spacebar hotswap socket contacts moved out of place. they're flimsy and fragile enough for the pins alone to render the hotswap socket unusable until i took apart the keyboard and had to forcibly move the contacts from inside the hotswap socket back into a position to make contact with the keyswitch pins. this spacebar socket, and likely many others will never be the same like new.

other than this one issue, i've had stellar thoughts on this keyboard. everything else works as intended. the appearance bares a striking semblance to the Ginkgo65, thus i built my keyboard build around that idea. a vary clacky sound signature as well.

Amazing value for price

Honestly one of the easiest builds I've ever done. For the price I can't believe how well it is packaged and thought out for the build process. Stabs were suprisingly good when lubed properly. Keyboard sounds deep and has a good rgb profile for those who care

Xeang Wen Kam


Dodge York
Surprising quality from a very cheap board

This board is excellent for the price point and really only has two downsides, lack of QMK support and north facing RGB, which are both totally acceptable considering how cheap it is. If you like the layout and don't plan on using cherry keycaps this keyboard really doesn't leave much to be desired. Much higher quality than comparable offerings from keychron or GMMK, and those lack QMK as well.

Great little keyboard kit for beginners

I bought three of the GAS67 kits (two green, one purple) for myself and my kids. I've put together a KBM68 and some full-size GMMK boards before. The GAS67 was more complex but already soldered, so I thought this might be a good next step. All three kits arrived in great shape. The assembly instructions are in Chinese, but I was able to figure it out relatively easily alongside the images on the store page. The boards came out much nicer and more solid than I expected after the switches and keycaps (not included) were in place. The software is easy to use and has a good number of functions. I was able to program a couple of macros with no trouble. My elementary-aged kids were able to set up the lighting effects without my help. Overall I am quite pleased with the results, especially considering the budget price. I hope that more colors are released, because these would make great gifts for friends and family. My kids are very happy with their first mechanical keyboards.

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