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Good but who needs this


Realy cool

Nice product

Machi Desk Mats
Tomasz Chodakowski

Delighftul and wholesome

Beast on a budget

For $26+ shipping this is relatively unbeatable! The only reason it is not a 5-star is it has a tiny wobble in the bottom right corner, and the LEDs that tell the connection type are otherwise useless, the green could stay on to ensure the keeb is connected. Otherwise, the aluminum plate is the real bonus here! nice Thock as the youtubers say, paired with some akko tactile purples.

Machi Desk Mats
Yaroslav Sapozhnyk
Issues with quality contol

The image design and colors for this mat are great. The reason for lower rating is the issues with quality: some part of threading was severed when I received it. There's also a faded stain in one place on the mat.

Machi Desk Mats

Machi Desk Mats
Ashley Cheung

Machi Desk Mats


Colors are vibrant and very accurate to the colors on the website. Perfectly matches the rest of my setup!

Avoid this disaster!

Horrific. 2u left shift with a 1u right shift?? Not practical at all. Besides that, the joystick is horrendous and there is no way to configure the sensitivity or dead zones, and since it’s configured as mouse up, down, left and right, it wants to automatically snap to an X/Y axis during use. Easily the worst $200 I’ve ever spent

Cheap parts

I guess they wanted to really emulate the switch, as there is horrible drift on the joystick, making it unusable. Some additional cons are that the stabs are dirt cheap and sound like shit, and it doesn’t even with the tool needed to open the case.

Machi Desk Mats
Aidan Sengupta

An absolutely beautiful desk mat. I've never had a nice, large mat before, and I can say that KeebMonkey's Machi Desk mat beyond crushed my expectations. A beautiful embroidered mat that I absolutely love.

Machi Desk Mats
Brit Lewis

Really high quality mat and the colors are beautiful!

GOAT of gaming keyboards!

I love this keyboard. After customizing by adding the switches and Keyset I wanted I was able to download the json for it and customize the layout. Can use the Json file to create macros for all the buttons and nobs. Love it!

A year later

Almost a year later and my mint-colored cable is still going strong. I got the early bird but even still at its current price, it's quite a steal.

Nice tv remote type board

Bought this one to use as a Entertainment system mouse and keyboard combo and it does that job very well.
1- Via programing: took me a minute finding the right .json file but it was on the link provided on the product page but at the bottom (thanks reddit)
NOTE: Use the version of via included in the download package, it's version 2 and the only one that will work. Do not use the online version.
2- The machining on the <> part is very tight and the big knob needs to be turn from the top and not from an angle or you feel some scratchiness in there.
The joystick plastic cover is to small and you will see the interior of the board while using it and it can get stuck on the edge, well it as once inside a week of usage.
3- This is a great NOVELTY keyboard, you will not game with that joystick but to navigate a computer on a tv it is very nice to have a way to move around. We map some mouse scrolls and left and right movement on the 2 small knob for finer tune clicking. It is heavy and will not move from your coffee table

Bottom line: I know DOIO is known for productivity board but this is a venture into the Novelty Esthetic market a bit like their <> style numpad. It looks awesome, does what it is suppose to do and sounds surprisingly amazing doing it. Price is fine for what you get and the design put into this 1st version.

As for customization, well to this I would say : Welcome to Via, the challenge is making it work but once it does it's the best. Hopefully Vial support is on the way.

Great keyboard despite issues

Unlike the other review, my joystick works fine. I haven't been able to get VIA to recognize the keyboard despite help on the KeebMonkey Discord, but it works fine out of the box. All of the knobs work, including changing volume, pausing / playing, and muting / unmuting. I had issues getting my computer to recognize the keyboard out of the box, but after plugging it in with the cable that came with the box, it works fine with other cables, including my aviator cable. The keyboard itself is well made and feels high quality. It's pre-assembled, only needing switches and keycaps. It would be 5 stars if I could get VIA to recognize it.

The Keebmonkey Display Bar
Rowen Jay Lamban
Don't keep static for too long

Picture burned in after leaving it for 3 hours. If you're planning on using it as a side monitor, make sure you keep this in mind.


If your keyboard has rgb, it glows from the screen!

Nice base for a good price!


KeebMonkey Turing Smart Display™ PC Status Monitor

Excellent board!

Excellent board if you like a soft board, very soft gasket mount - trampoline-like... I actually like everything about it except it's quite tall at the front and the orange base is too shouty for me - please make the base black and I will buy another one!

I am Happy

I bought two mats one for myself and another for my spouse. Packaging and Quality are pleasantly surprising.
I also use it as a mousepad and have no complaints about it