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The coolest power strip!

This power strip is awesome! Great RGB lighting, cool display, lots of usable ports and plugs!

Sent a Defective Device and Received Little Post Delivery Support

Picked up this device and it unfortunately arrived defective. It was unresponsive aside from being able to cycle through the layers. No backlights aside from two top left keys, one red and one green. The device was unable to be recognized by either VIA, Vial, QMK and even my computer. Reached out the day it arrived for support but received short guidance days later with a link to the Wiki. Completely ignoring the fact that the device was totally unrecognizable to begin with and therefore the issue couldn't be addressed on my end.

10 days later as of writing this and I still have yet to hear anything back from the company. I've emailed multiple times, inquired on Reddit and posted on the Discord. Completely ghosted. No discussion of sending in my device to be repaired, nothing about being sent a new one, nothing about returning and issuing a refund. Might as well have bought an $80 paperweight.

I understand there are hiccups. I'm glad to give people the benefit of the doubt and go through a lengthy process to get issues resolved. Things happen and that's normal. But the near 0 amount of support from KeebMonkey is surprising given their reputation in the community. A real shame.

Welp, I'm impressed...

I just ordered a second one, and likely will be ditching one or two of my lesser boards now. You might not like the aesthetics, or the little "customized keyboard" in the lower left corner, but this keyboard is absolutely insane. I'd say "for the price," but it's good regardless. I seriously have some group buy boards that cost 4x+ the price, and they cut corners to get there (no rgb, no weights, no frills, etc.). This ticks every box I could ask for, and the software surprised me in the best way. You're able to change key functionality in real time, set up basic macros, etc. Basically, a budget Vial, and that's all I really need in the day-to-day. The board feels a million bucks, sounds a million bucks (just copied the youtube build above with momoka sharks...I see/hear a mannequin I like, I just get the same outfit lol), and was by far the easiest to get there out of the box of any board I've ever bought. Did a PCB masking tape mod, and plugged some extra grease in the stabilizers (though really didn't need to), and it's good to go. Even has some room to do further mods, should I wish to in future, but this thing is, so far, stupid good. The only "complaint" I have is maybe having the ability to change the knob's function from lights/volume to something else. Maybe I'll come back and do another review after the honeymoon period wears off, but honestly, for $59, you just can't go wrong.

I know others had some issues with the bolts wrenched down real tight, but I had no problem opening this guy for the first time.

Absolutely insane

I've used keyboards that are upwards of 200 bucks that feel, sound and are built worse.
Best budget keyboard hands down.
All I did was a tape mod, the foam included under the PCB is solid too.

If there was one thing I'd change is being able to change what the knob does with software.

Holy crap

Yeah this board is pretty insane. I expected absolutely nothing, but this board ticks 90% of the boxes. Crazy price. If it had QMK it'd be like a 200eur board.

If you missed out I’m sorry.

If you missed out on this, I’m sorry. For the price it’s literally insane. Didn’t need to mod anything.
Not sure how this was even profitable.

Two buttons not working.

This is my second order of this product, the first one worked perfectly the second has two non functioning buttons that I've tested the contacts on. They provide no signal. I've reached out to support however I haven't gotten any response in the last few weeks

Can't recommend it as a daily driver

The keyboard itself is well assembled and okay to use ergonomically. Screens and encoders are nice.

A minor problem is that keypresses don't seem to reliably register. Regardless of the switch (I tired several) some keys just sometimes don't register on the first keypress, which makes for a bad typing experience.
The major problem is the software. It works, but very clunky, unintuitive and missing some features (like auto-shift). mod/key I tried to set up for shift/enter has too large of a delay to be usable. The software only works on Windows, couldn't make work with Wine on Linux, but worked with VirtualBox. There is no documentation.
I'm really hoping that through some firmware and software updates, this product becomes better. For now can't recommend it as a daily driver.

Good day.

Standard Keys TWS Keyboard - Barebones
Chaz Donaldson
did the softwre update, and now my right hand unit no longer connects or powers up

I am sending an email to support, but getting nothing in return so far. Reading these reviews, I am not hopeful for the future

Absolute Scammers

As many others have pointed out, this company is not fit to be operating. My parcel was "delivered" while I was out and the courier company took a photo of the item being left on the doorstep. When I returned home, it wasn't there. As the sender, they are responsible for sorting this out, but after responding to my initial email saying they couldn't help, they've completely ghosted me. So I have no product, and they have my money. Absolute scammers.

It’s lit fam

See title

Standard Keys TWS Keyboard - Barebones
Negative reviews are true

All the negative reviews are true. It’s a new keyboard as a shot trying from a no build experience small company in shenzhen China.
I joined the discord for months, saw the issues are
1 zero supports, after you bought it, it’s done, all customers requests were ignored
2 a brunch of bugs and hardware issues and the key modification software are customized not open source.
3 black cares can have white solour defects.

Megalodon 19% Wireless Numpad
Reviews are not correct. The keyboard works.

The other reviews state you can't program the keyboard with Via, but you can. Via and the .json file are included on a usb stick, and it works effortlessly. My main concern is the volume button, that is awkwardly placed and often hinders typing. For the rest I have no problems.

Standard Keys TWS Keyboard - Barebones
Still trash after firmware update...

Site doesn't let me update my first review so here's another. Keyboard had connection issues where keys wouldn't register or they would register multiple times (as if the key was held). Out of the blue Kickstarter notifies us about a firmware update addressing this issue so I perform the update. Followed instructions to the letter and it actually fixed that issue.... EXCEPT!!! Now another issue was brought on by this firmware update!!!! The left side led screen is not working like it's supposed to. By default that screen showed (from top to bottom) battery percentage, num lock indicator, caps lock indicator and active layer. After the update it displays battery percentage and "Split 54", matching what the right led displayed. Unfortunately the software does not have any settings or options for the led so nothing we can do except pray and hope they fix it properly the next time, if there even is one. To keep true to their theme of terrible customer service, Keeb Monkey has ignored any and every form of contact and so here I am in hopes that they see this and maybe do something to help their clients.

Fun but terrible software

The board itself is a fun little build. It does what its supposed to as a wired numpad most of the time. Occasionally it will stop functioning properly, and it's quite annoying. On top of that, the software to reprogram it is entirely in Chinese, and is barely functional as well.

Megalodon Lumine Macro Pad
Major Idiot
I am big weeb

Before I got my hands on the Megalodon Display Macro Pad, I thought my desk setup was at its peak. Boy, was I wrong!

As a colossal weeb who has an insatiable passion for anime figures, this macro pad took my love for action figures to new heights. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a device that not only enhances my workflow but also turns my desk into an exhibit for my cherished figures.

The 5.6 cm diameter soft-light display platform is nothing short of genius. Each time I placed one of my beloved anime figures on top, it felt like I was giving them the stage they truly deserved. The gentle light emanating from the platform truly made my figures the pièce de résistance of my workspace. It's like having a spotlight on my favorite characters, reminding me of the countless hours spent immersing myself in their stories.

Some might say my enthusiasm for anime and the lengths I go to showcase my figures borders on clinical insanity, but if that's the case, the Megalodon Display Macro Pad is the perfect kind of crazy I've been looking for.

Why would anyone settle for just placing their figures on a shelf when they can give them the red-carpet treatment on top of this macro pad? It’s not just a device; it's an experience. So, fellow enthusiasts, if you have a cherished action figure collecting dust somewhere, it's time to make it shine. Place it atop the Megalodon, and let the world see your passion in all its illuminated glory.

Megalodon Lumine Macro Pad
black simon

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Standard Keys TWS Keyboard - Barebones
Pakanon Pantisawat
Don’t buy it

The material has stain, keyboard can’t be configured on Mac.

Standard Keys TWS Keyboard - Barebones
Keyboard works fine, software to customize is $h!7

Don't buy unless a software update is out. Or it is opensourced. A trainee in the first year would make better software

Interesting keyboard, but came slightly faulty

I backed this keyboard on Kickstarter as it seemed intriguing. It is pretty much as advertised and the build quality is great, except that one of the switches came broken and I have had to replace it myself. Also the batteries seems to hold different amounts of charge (one exhausts quickers than the other). Finally the lack of manual to help with the cryptic key remapping software is frustrating, as it's not particularly intuitive to use.

Cute and Works Great!

LUV it. I got a black one for my husband and I got the orange tabby version. There heavy and look cute on the keyboard!

Good hardware, awful firmware and software support

Hard to enjoy what doesn't exist

I've been waiting for a month now, but haven't seen any sign of the keyboard. I've also asked the site questions regarding key caps packs and their compatibility with the TWS Keyboard. I'm under the impression that I should have ordered the keychron brand split keyboard instead, as they are trustworthy.


The numpad is neat and the touch pad is cool, but two of the switch sockets don't work.
the remapping software is horrible (pictured below), its only in Chinese and doesn't have even let you remap

Disappointed, but not a total loss

The board arrived partially disassembled. I put it back together and found that 14 keys didn't work! After I replaced all the switches, all the keys worked normally. Very disappointed.
The key cap quality is mediocre. The plate is slightly irregular. The software isn't where the manual states, and it barely works. One small, pleasant surprise is that the knobs work out of the box under Linux!
The board itself is interesting, and after repairs, works. I'm hopeful that the software for updating the key mapping will improve, and the rough start will fade into memory. It's an interesting product that needs a LOT of improvement in quality control.