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I love this set. I am a big space nerd and this set hits home. It really feels like a premium set. Colors are exactly like I hoped for and the print quality is nice. Even the smaller parts of the images are crisp. Only negative thing is the varying stroke width on some keycaps but it does not bother me.

It works

Switch was as described and pictured. I got it to try liniar.

Worth it!

Absolutely worth it! It really is a nice keeb overall, and gives you an incredible feel and feedback
after building it! It's lightweight and easy to bring with (yes, I bring mine with, because why not?) and the keystrokes hit like anvils - with the right switches it gets as deep a tone as my over $500 build -_- DEFINITELY happy I bought this test board, and use it plenty! WORTH IT! If your aim is to have a $25 board to test switches on, test keys on, and even to main over crappy laptop keys...yes, this does that.

Does exactly what it says

Honestly, for like $25, this keyboard's fantastic. I do wish it had QMK/some program, and a rechargable option, but as it was CLEARLY stated in the description, I believe no points should be docked.

Great little board, fun to mess around with. Now I'm using U4s to type stuff for work instead of the terrible laptop keys!

Very satisfied with my purchase.

Two errors.

No homing bar or any indicator for the f and j caps and small qc issues. Other than that, a good budget set.

Keebmonkey x Amibit KBM68 Budget Keyboard kit

Keebmonkey x Amibit KBM68 Budget Keyboard kit

Nice switch

Great value for price, amazing for a budget build. They sound amazing and very smooth. 4 stars for a bit of inconsistent lubing, but should be too big of a deal for someome who wont care. Very recommended!

Pretty Good Budget Board

It's a pretty good budget board, but I've had some issues with the included dongle. I'm not sure if anyone else had this issue, but I ended up needing to just use Bluetooth instead. I'd buy it again.

The best budget keyboard I've tried

Once modded and lubbed it dounds great! The only inconvenient is that it is not wired, but it workd amazing for the price it has!

Perfect for couch gaming/tv watching

Love that it’s hotswappable too. Great price for such a well built model

Solid keyboard

I'm thoroughly impressed with this for $25. Case has really good rigidity and there aren't any weird edges or marks from low quality manufacturing. This is also my first hotswappable board but it works perfectly and it's super easy to change switches out. The sound is okay for plastic, not echoey or anything thanks to the dense plastic construction. I do wish there was a wired option, but I haven't noticed any lag with 2.4GHz so it's fine. Overall, I really enjoyed building it and enjoy typing on it.

Feels a little heavier than gateron blacks. They look nice and feel good!

Gets the job done.

Comfortable to use and doesn't have any sharp edges. Pretty much impossible to mangle your switches with, which is a problem with some switch pullers. Fits in all the tight spaces on any given board which makes it very easy to use and very fast compared to other switch pullers. The color also looks very nice in person.

Amazing value

This board is legit and and amazing value

Keebmonkey x Amibit KBM68 Budget Keyboard kit

Keebmonkey x Amibit KBM68 Budget Keyboard kit

Absolutely perfect

Bought the kit because it was cheap, figured it would allow me to test out gat yellows, and oh boy was I in for a surprise. This is the best sounding and feeling keyboard I've ever owned yet. For the money what you're getting is insane.

Worth keyboard

This Keyboard is really worth that I have ever buy, material quality and cutting were good also.

Absolutely worth it

Great kit, and well worth the money. I did a tape mod on it, and a holee mod for the stabilizers, and the sound is more than satisfactory to me. Be careful when you take it apart, because the pcb and the plate are separately screwed to the case, so you can't remove them together.

It comes with a bluetooth dongle which works great, and connects quickly. Works just fine on Linux.


It was just a marked up aliexpress board, but hey. I got to k ow about a new company!

Gorgeous and quality

These keys arrived in great packaging and fairly quickly (couple weeks). Each keys was isolated in the package and the print quality is on point. I love every single key.


These are really nice keycaps for the price. The images are nice and clear. The caps are also nice and thick. They aren't the best keycaps I own but they are pretty darn nice for the price.

Very good for the price

This is my first ever keyboard and id like to say that I am not disappointed. It sounds nice, has a nice typing feel and the build quality is very good despite it being plastic. I have lubed gateron yellows on mine and it sounds absolutely amazing, and the stabilizers are also amazing! (i holee modded and lubed them ofc) Overall, this keyboard is very nice and has very few cons that I can point out as my first ever custom board!

Great Quality for the Price

I think this may be the best $25 I've spent and this may become my new recommendation for people who want to get into the hobby. I really don't have any complaints, definitely worth it.