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Amazing value for money

With a board with the build quality and modification possibilities, plus 3/5pin south facing RGB, gasketish mounting, and the hex screws? For only $62/70 USD?
This is a great option to buy to mod or just to have a solid 75 layout + knob in your rotation. For the entry price, add your own switches and keycaps, you're away laughing.

KeebMonkey Cheese Artisan Keycaps

High quality product

Lube station is made from fairly thick material with tight tolerances and excellent finishes. All edges are very clean. Quality of brushes and key opener are very good. Tweezers could be better.Overall it's a good value.

Tricky At First But Great Once I Figured It Out!

I have never gotten or used one of these kinds of things before. I had no idea about custom keyboard or flashing the device to set up the key binds I wanted. But once I found the VIA web app (, and once it recognized the device, it was amazing. Be able to have 4 different profiles that I can change on the fly really easily is great. The keyboard is small yet functional and suits by needs/wants very well

i like it

the board packs quite a bit for its price, imo its better than gas67 price/quality wise, though the bottom side of the spacebar is awkwardly close to hitting the top case, plate doesn't stay perfectly still when disassembled so i am quite sure that when you screw it in you might have the spacebar hit the topcase

JWK JWICK Switches
Maxim Capsa

excellent for the price, decent tolerances

shipping time US?

specifically central America

Best macro pad ever!!!!!!

I have used a stream deck and many other kinds of streaming macro pads and they were good.......but the megalodon is that thing you needed but you just didn't know as yet, the sheer number of macros you can create and the fact that it has four different levels!!!!! The megalodon it's second to none. GET IT !!!!


While you can tell this is used, there are very little signs of use on the one I received. It was very clean. At first I thought it was new old stock. The cable is very nice. I'm planning to see if I can buy a few of the cables. As has been my experience with all of the model Ms and Fs I've bought, I needed to reseat a few keys for them to function properly. But this always the case with buckling spring keyboards.

Has two piece keys, stem and keycap as expected. They appear brand new.

It's a quality mod and in my opinion the refurb is almost worth the complete cost. I'll refer people who want a model m to this seller until they are out of stock.

Kinda defeats the purpose...

The whole point of using a macropad is to be able to fully customize it to fit your needs. The lack of qmk, lack of basic instructions on how to take the board apart, having 3 usb c ports with only 1 usable one, having to re-import the json file into via every time you want to make changes really does show the lack of support. I hear that someone has managed to recreate the files for the 16 key version and I hope someone is able to do it for this board as well.

Useful macropad

Very useful swiss knife in hardware world.
I suggest to pick the vial way. It gives you option to setup the macropad on the web without installing additional app.
Tip: I received it with usb usb-c cable so it won't work with Mac out of the box. Make shure you have usbc-usbc cable in such case

Greatest idea ever

Received the display bar the other day and I LOVE it! It's compact and provides visual information without needing windows to crowd my main monitors.

Excellent value

The switches I transferred to it sound so much better, with the board has a nice bit of bounce. It feels solid and has a good weight (without having to resort to an added weight). Really, a great overall value.

Megalodon Triple Knob Macro Pad

Great price on nice looking keycaps

Picked up a clearance set for my wife, and they look great! Well boxed for shipping also.

Its aight

the board has some flaws that would make it perfect if fixed, like questionable stabs that are a pain to screw in and no wireless conn, other than that its quite pleasant to use, also this is my second comment on this board because it took like 45 days to get it, it was ultimately my postal office's fault, the delivery itself took like 1 month.

POM Keycaps Like Butter

These were my first experience with POM keycaps, and they blew me away. They're so velvety smooth and have a great thock to them. My son loved the anime keycaps too.

Defective PCB

Got the board and had assembled it and was ready to plug the JST cable into the PCB but the connecting piece looks like it had been ripped off... I cannot use the board now and support is unresponsive...this is a scam.

Software needs Improvement

I like the hardware, but the Via software is really a pain in the ass to use.

I should be able to move keystrokes from one key to another.

I should be able to edit existing keystrokes without recreating them from scratch.

I should not have to reimport the KB16via.json file each time I start the app. The software should remember or already know my hardware configuration.

There should be a mode where I can insert key codes simply by hitting the correct key combinations.

The variety of different key codes that are available for the *same* keystrokes are confusing and make it harder to use. The key codes should be standardized.

Great little macro keyboard

Via works swimmingly with this board, from QMK lighting to key assignment. Just make sure you load the keyboard JSON found in the keebmonkey wiki into VIA for the key layout enjoy a GUI.

Great switches

No complains, the gateron yellow switches are great!

Cute and functional

I bought both the purple and the green. I like them both, they have very muted pastel tones which works perfectly with my keyboards. I think the photos do a great job capturing the colours.

Very fun!

I bought both the pink and the white version. Very cute keycaps, works great for my escape, makes it very easy to hit! Unfortunately I can't use the keyboard key with my layout, but I knew that going in. They feel well made, and it's very easy to swap out the screens. They also come packaged very securely inside foam.

Fine Board; Not Perfect

The board arrived in a timely fashion. Stabs are surprisingly nice and everything else is as-described online.
I have a similar problem as another reviewer - one of the hotswap sockets is completely dead. I've tried a variety of switches without any luck. Customer support suggested it could be a software issue that might be fixed with some future remapping, but that's it so far.
So for now, I'll use it as a backup board - I would not recommend as a daily driver unless you're prepared to solder or simply not use certain keys. If you're determined to get an 1800 layout board with a full-size 0-key in the numpad, this is one of only a few options. If you're OK with a standard 1800 layout, there are a lot of good options with better quality control out there.

Colors are far more muted than in sample photos

To echo the other reviews, the colors are not as advertised. They are far more subdued. The deep teal is really more like sage green, and the gold novelties are closer to buttercream.

However the colors of the desk mat (which I got off Drop since keebmonkey was unable to fulfill my order) are similarly muted. See the pictures below. It’s not a bad match, so I’m okay with it.

To be sure I would have preferred the vibrancy that was advertised, but at least the manufacturer’s colors were consistent across product lines.