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great product for the price; not for amateurs

the company doesn’t hold your hand, but for what it’s worth + a google search, this product beats any other macropad on the market in terms of functionality in an aluminum shell w RGB custom lighting

FYI for people who don’t know how to research: DOIO KB16 is the same as this macropad, and the .json is on github

Fairly priced keyboard and good value for money but with some minor/major gripes depending on how...

First of all, while i do like the board and think it's great bang for buck quality, i'm not a fan of how much the plate sinks into the keyboard when pushing down onto the keyboard. Additionally i HATE how it says customized keyboard in the bottom left and while it doesn't bother me as much on the daily because i have a black one and i'm usually in the dark, results may vary based on individual. If you're on a tight budget though, this is pretty solid

WK870 Gasket Aluminum Hot-Swappable Keyboard

Very solid unit, installing switches took a decent amount of force. Can't get the knob to work at all.

Great value board

Definitely a must buy at this price point, great build quality and colour is as expected. My only negative is the writing at the bottom left corner of the board, but in my case it'll be covered up with a sticker.

Amazing product, but two keys don't work

I tried replacing the switches but it doesn't work. I don't know enough about it to know even where to look, but will try to learn. Heavy.

Absolutely incredible value for money

As others have already said, this board is simply ridiculous value for money. Heavy, good materials, all screws are accessible and was super easy to take apart. As others have also mentioned, the gaskets on this board and the poly plate give this board quite a bit of flex while building but I wouldn’t say it’s anywhere near enough to make it a 4 star. This board feels better than some $300 prebuilts out there. The “Customized Keyboard” branding honestly isn’t noticeable on most colors, especially while you’re actively using it.

The only thing I don’t like about this board is the knob. It feels a bit mushy. But really not much to complain about at this price point. Super recommended buy.

Great value, very hard to build!

You will not get a higher quality keyboard for less. Amazing feel, amazing finish. If this was a $300 keyboard I would have a few nitpicks (software is not great, "customized keyboard" text is weird) but for $60 it is very hard to go wrong. Note that this is VERY HARD to build correctly, and if this is your first board you might get very frustrated. Because it is gasket mounted and there is a lot of flex, mounting the switches fully is very hard. Easier in my opinion to set them into the PCB, open the case, and then push from the PCB into the switch to ensure enough depth.

Keebmonkey Bongo Cat Macro Pad with VIA Auto Detection
Cheap and cheerful

Not a bad purchase for $15 and is already useful to me making virtual desktops and switching between them quickly. Only main criticisms is the firmware isn't able to record macro's with delay and there is no means of configuring the LEDs (I would prefer to define each key with a colour).

Good price but has defects

Case feels cheap which is fine at the price but the stabilizers it came with was missing a screw hole. Was unuseable


Hard setup for someone who isn't wanting to edit text files


The keyboard quality is amazing for the price it is set at, the only gripe I have is the customized keyboard wording at the bottom but other then that, its amazing!

Also any documentation on what knob size it uses?


Amazing price to value proposition!

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite aluminum TKL keyboards, it's well built, lends itself to modifications, but sounds great stock as well. My only gripe would be the lack of functional layers in the software, but otherwise, I am enjoying using this keyboard as my daily driver.

Fairly good

The keyboard is pretty good. Goes really well with the silent switches that I put in. The stabilizers do need some modding (lubing and band aid), but with that it sounds great. Incredibly affordable mechanical keyboard option.

KBM68Pro KBM84Pro KBM100Pro Keyboard Kit/CIY Novice Keyboard Kit

cute keycaps


WK870 Gasket Aluminum Hot-Swappable Keyboard

Good quality butt...

I cannot find a .json file that allows me to assign the knob function, which was the main reason I wanted to get this.

So Pretty!

These caps look fantastic in person. They are solid and well-made. They look exactly as pictured and the transparent purple is very satisfying. This was my first build and I am stoked with how it came out. Also they arrived in just about 7 days (to the west coast of the US), beating my expectations!

Megalodon VFD Aluminum Hot Swappable Switch Tester Clock

Keebmonkey 4th Clearance Sale
Kevin Miller
Fantastic quality

Absolutely fantastic product for a bargain price. I didn't look super closely and I didn't get a full-size right shift, but I made it work! Clearance sales are amazing.

Everything that’s ever needed

Steal for $60

Keebmonkey CIY KBM68 Budget Keyboard kit (TES68)

Love it.

Super premium look and feel. Tight large coils with a color matched aviator.

Incredible Value

Honestly like the other reviews say, you are not going to get a better board for this price unless there's some insane sales or something. Comes with everything the description says, I didn't like the sound profile at first which was a bit of higher pitch creamy sound (like the video they provide), but after a couple layers of tape modding it sounds thocky and smooth the way I like it. Also super easy to take apart for those who want to mod it just remember to remove the knob before hand. All of screws you need to remove are exposed on the bottom.