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Really very good!

I love how these keys feel, the colorways is great, and the legends are all clean with no wobbly bits.

Keebmonkey Air Duster System

Perfect numpad :)

I'm very happy with it; no connectivity issues, very responsive, and I swapped out the keycaps for some cute lavender ones so it'd match my mechanical keyboard. I really recommend it if you feel you might need it.

Keebmonkey Keyboard Stand
Yaroslav Sapozhnyk
Awesome stand

This is a great stand and holds the IBM Model M perfectly!


I got the grey Los Angeles desk mat and it is so good! The printing is clear, the details are amazing, and the mat itself is so thick. I am very happy with the quality of the mat and am excited to use it for years to come.

Great cable

Great cable. Solid quality and functions well. Adds aesthetic to my setup! Got it on sale so it was a great price for these new popular coiled style cables.

Purshased about a month go

No updates, no tracking working....
Good business model, to advert on reddit then deliver 0
Gona request a refund

Keebmonkey Macaron Keyboard Cable


It was so cute and easy to change!!

Such a pretty set!

This set is so pretty! It's thick and has a nice sound to it when typing. The lilac is a pretty soft tone and looks really well with the shade of pink in this set. My only gripe with the set is the "A" on th "Caps", "Tab", "Alt"and "Backspace" has a thinner font to it so it looks a little inconsistent. It is similar to Timeless Violet as they both have their "A"s like that. But other than that I'm very satisfied with this set.

It arrived in 2 weeks after I ordered it and it was well packaged so nothing was damaged.

Disappointing labeling, but a great macro board

When I ordered this, I read the title and got super excited about the mini monitor, but when I received it in the mail, I was very disappointed to find out that it was just the macro board. I used the macro board and it's very handy, but I still wish I could get that monitor.

Great Budget Keyboard

Great Budget keyboard decent for the price.
Out of the box its all Rattle and Hollow it does come with a silicone dampener which really surprised me for the price of this.
Highly Recommend you put effort in Modding and Lubing because after some tuning so it can sound amazing and at least pleasant to hear.
I recommend to be careful when pulling switches out because you may damage the edges of the keyboard due to it being plastic.
I lubed some Gateron Yellows and Akko CS Rose Reds and stuck them in.
Be sure to do some lubing on the clip on stabs because they are in need of lube and I Highly Recommend you Holee Mod the stabs.
The Mods I used to dampen the case sound were the Included Foam + PE Foam + Tape Mod and Thick Packing Foam Cut to size to fit the PCB to finally silence the case from making the Hollow Echo Rattle sound.
I personally use this at my work because they give you a crappy membrane keyboard and I couldn't handle it. Being at this price I found the perfect keyboard for my work desk something that was budget. This keyboard may drain batteries when its not in use be sure to turn it off. It blinks when its out of battery its how you know.

KeebMonkey FC Family Computer Artisan Keycap

Not quite what I expected and the software is in Chinese

Not quite what I expected. If you want to customize, you will need to learn Python and use an open source project to customize this screen, it is not Plug and Play.

Wish it had touchscreen features, but, oh well.

he's just a little guy

a little fella, if you will

yummy little rascal

I love these so much!

Guys you don't understand, these keycaps are so nice.. I've wanted them for months and I finally got them and they're everything I hoped for ;w;

The legends are crisp with no blurring, the little designs are also picture perfect. This is my first real keycap set so I don't know much about how "good keycaps" should feel, but these are very nice and smooth, not so smooth that your fingers would slip though.

10/10, if you're a space fan like me, buy them :D

KBM68 Transparent 2.4G Wireless Keyboard Kit

KBM68 Transparent 2.4G Wireless Keyboard Kit

it soo hot

i would fuck it if i could

Good for Budget

For the cost they are quite good but it is clear where cuts have been made

Really High Quality Cable for the Price

I really wanted a purple coiled cable that was also affordable and this is 100% worth the money. This cable is really good if you want to have your cable match with your setup and the colours match the photos pretty well!

Super cute! Amazing for the price.

It's pretty much exactly what I wanted. It's well done! The coil is very slightly angled, but it's not really an issue.

Lovely colors and great quality

I love the colorway and styles used. A good value for the price.

Keebmonkey Macaron Keyboard Cable

Keebmonkey Macaron Keyboard Cable