KeebMonkey MAC Modular Artisan Keycap

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color: Black
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An excellent gift for any computer or keyboard lover. This is a high-quality 2-piece ABS artisan with a variety of modular pieces.


ABS Material

Includes an ESC key (the monitor), and a TAB (the desk) plus different displays.

Compatible with MX switches




Customer Reviews

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Richard Barrett

KeebMonkey MAC Modular Artisan Keycap

Looks great

Amazing came in 2 weeks though I do understand that as that is down to the shipping companies and not the manufacturer

Kai Gonchar
No color options + instabuy

There was no color options for the keycap and when I clicked on the buy button thinking I would be able to change colors there, it instantly charged to my account and customer support didn’t respond to me after 4 days of waiting

Barry Zhou

If your keyboard has rgb, it glows from the screen!

Very fun!

I bought both the pink and the white version. Very cute keycaps, works great for my escape, makes it very easy to hit! Unfortunately I can't use the keyboard key with my layout, but I knew that going in. They feel well made, and it's very easy to swap out the screens. They also come packaged very securely inside foam.

Moses C.
Cute artisan keycap

This is a cool artisan keycap. It is plastic so don't expect it to knock your socks off, but I really like the swappable screens inside the monitor. The two piece concept is also quite unique, allowing the keyboard to be on the desk or on top of the monitor. Really nice for a retrocomputing theme.

Maeve S
Great keycap!

Super cute keycaps and I love how they look on my keyboard. I'm kind of worried the magnetic keyboard might fly off if I type too fast but its all good lol The only thing is that the monitor piece feels a bit loose/hard to fit on my keyboard. Maybe bc is so tall? It's fine though, since its a rarely used key (~). Definitely recommend as a gift or for yourself!

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