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This is a device that can simplify your desktop power configuration, and can also be used as a USB hub. An OLED Screen displays the current voltage and power and allows you to adjust the settings on the device!



  • Specs: Material: Aluminum

  • Functions: Power Control, and USB HUB

  • Ports: 6 (Power control) Ports: 4 (USB 2.0 Hub)

  • L/W/H: 161*43*53mm

  • Display: 1.7'' OLED

  • Light: On-device controllable

  • Total power: Up to 15W (recommended to use 5V3A power adapter, does not support fast charging)

  • Data interface rate: USB2.0 (only suitable for keyboard, mouse or receiver) Supports USB C-C Cable

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Customer Reviews

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Canada Man
Outdated Tech

Charges my phone incredibly slowly, takes up 2 usb jacks in my computer in order to hook it up, and it doesn't accept my trackball. It's a neat little gadget that looks great, but it's nowhere near worth the price.

Joshua Kohler
Love it

I bought it for aesthetics, and it didn’t disappoint. It also functions and works great so I am super happy with it

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