Keebmonkey Switch Lubes for Keyboard Switches

Variant: Krytox GPL 105
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Type  Features Recommended
Krytox GPL 105 Long Retention Period Spring
Dow Corning Silicone Medium Retention Period Spring
Krytox XHT BDZ Long Retention Period, thick Stab Bar
Krytox GPL105+205 Mix #0 2:3 Thick, don't lube switches Stab Bar
Krytox GPL105+205 Mix #00 7:3 Diluted, for beginners Stem/Rail
KBM Custom 3204 #0 Relatively Diluted, smooth Stem/Rail
Krytox GPL204 #0 Smooth, NLGI:0 Stem/Rail
Krytox GPL203 #0 Smooth, NLGI:0 Stem/Rail
PFPE Dry Film Dry film, less influential to type feeling Tactile Switch
Krytox GPL 205 #0 Smooth, NLGI:0 Stem/Rail/Stab
KBM GPL 205 #0 Relatively Smooth Stem/Rail/Stab
KBM GPL205 #2 Thick Stab Bar

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