Superb Budget SA Double Shot ABS Keycaps

Color: White & Red
Sale price$23.00


 These beautiful ABS keycaps in a skew of lovely colours and in the excellent SA profile are sure to delight the fingers and be a suitable companion for any typist and their keyboard, at an excellent low price.


ABS Material

108 Keycaps Included (With ISO Enter)

Doubleshot Legends

SA Profile

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nermin Sogolj
Ok but nothing special, as their title says

currently using these keycaps but will order better ones.... ordered them because i needed some cheap keycaps, they fullfill their purpose. if you are short on money, i can recommend them, otherwise buy something better

David E.
Not real SA profile, and bottom three rows are identical

I really like the colour of the red & white set I got, and the fact is they are indeed double-shot, so those are both points for them, but the profile of these keycaps aren't actually SA (though they imitate it). Instead, most of the bottom three rows of keys – with exception of the "big keys" like Shift, Return, etc. – have a horizontal cylindrical cutout/profile, as opposed to the "dish" shape of real SA profile, though starting at the fourth row they take on the dish shape . The bottom three rows have the same height, which doesn't match the SA standard. The fourth row up is correctly sculpted, but this means it's actually lower than the third row, which feels very weird when typing. Materially, they seem durable enough, so I don't expect any wear and tear problems from typing on them, but the sculpting and shape of these caps leaves much to be desired for an SA enthusiast.

Doesn’t fit kbm68

It’s great and all, very good style and I love them, the only problem is that there’s a single part that doesn’t fit the kbm 68, as you can see in the photo

Gabe Owner
Two errors.

No homing bar or any indicator for the f and j caps and small qc issues. Other than that, a good budget set.

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