KeebMonkey Turing Smart Display™ PC Status Monitor

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We highly recommend purchasing the dock with the monitor.


The real display quality is much better than in the photos, the view angle is about 180 Degrees which is very similar to the renders.



  • Interface: 2 Type Cs, for horizontal and vertical display
  • Screen Type: IPS
  • Size: 3.2''
  • Resolution: 320x480
  • Housing: Anodized Aluminum
  • DM: 85x55x9 (mm)
  • Supurb View Angle



  • The following items can be monitored: 
CPU Temperature Frequency Usage
GPU Temperature Memory Usage
RAM Occupied RAM Usage
HDD Temperature Usage
Network Upload Rate Download Rate
Other Date/Time Volume Weather
  • Fully customizable themes (Background, Data displayed, UI)
  • Eco, turns off when you power off your PC
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Display Rotatable (You can use it portrait or horizontal)
  • A lot of themes available in the driver


  • A Screen
  • A Stand
  • A Stock Cable
  • (Optional) A Dock, we highly recommend purchasing the dock.
  • Commercial License of Hardware monitor integrated into the Driver (Can only be used to drive the Monitor)

The Dock:

It is just a normal Type-C Dock, you can dock type-c devices like a mobile with this dock. 

Click here To download the driver (V2), please note that the driver can only run on Windows 7 and Windows 10. The driver is verified safe by McAfee. No installation is needed after unzipping the files. 'The driver includes a bulk authentic, licensed PC monitor software in it (not AIDA64)' is what the manufacturer told us.


Customer Reviews

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KeebMonkey Turing Smart Display™ PC Status Monitor

Matthew Hilton


Joel P
It umm.. It works?

A few facts or curiosities.
1. Look at the Manual, there's a link for the software. That's all it will work with, for now.
2. As long as your USB ports aren't set for offline power (do you charge your phone with your PC?) the monitor turns off when your PC turns off.
3. First time to plug it in it's a bright white screen. You've been warned.
4. The pre-set panes are ok. There's some customizing, CPU name etc.
5. If chooses the sensors for you.

Does it do the job? For the money, sure. It gives me the two temps I care to monitor without taking up my main screen or having a bulky 2nd monitor.

I'm not thrilled on the Chinese only website, but the software isn't terrible to find. The translation is typical, you have to think like you're reading English as a 2nd or complete foreign language.

It looks ok, nothing super high-res but it sits nicely with the dock on my desk. I don't regret buying it.

Nicholas L
Nice Touch to my Desk

It is more of a visual thing than a truly useful tool, but it is nice to see the stats during my gaming sessions.

Brandon Hanson
Mediocre at best

Sure it displays relatively what the temps are if my PC, but the UI is so complicating, and customizing the background of some of the options is so difficult. I wanted to create my own background, but I don't think there's an ability to do that, or if there is I don't know how to do it cuz it's so confusing

Alberto Gallo
Does a good job but the software needs work

This screen is quite cool.
After a bit of research, I got mine directly from sellers in China, and you can find it a bit below Keeb Monkey's price. The item is essentially the same.
You can also buy the USB stand separately, it's essentially the one used for phones that charge with type C.

The question I have is - has everyone figured out how to have the screen turn on automatically with the system, rather than having to run the software each time?
In my case, I need to run the file as admin and press "run" each time, which kind of defies the purpose. Still working on it, maybe I will find a way.

Sean OShea
Meets Expectations

Firstly, I was specifically looking for a PC monitoring device that did NOT use the second screen HDMI method, so this seemed perfect. Trying it out, it does exactly what it says. While the software takes some getting used and is not entirely intuitive, I would say it was perfect if it could monitor FPS, but I'm not sure how that would be possible without it monitoring some other software such as RTSS, which I think Aida64 does. Otherwise, all good around.

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