KeebMonkey PC Status Monitor

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The KeebMonkey PC Status Monitor can display the status of your PC. You can fully customize the theme of the display to match your taste.


Browse the clip with your phone, there is a decode failure on the PC. 


Items will be shipped on 22 Nov 2021. (Before Order 4250)

Items will be shipped on 25 Nov 2021. (Order 4250-4450)

Items will be shipped on 30 Nov 2021. (Order 4450-)



We highly recommend purchasing the dock with the monitor.


The real display quality is much better than in the photos, the view angle is about 180 Degrees which is very similar to the renders.



  • Interface: Type-C (Power+Display)
  • Screen Type: IPS
  • Size: 3.2''
  • Resolution: 320x480
  • Housing: Metal



  • The following items can be monitored: 
CPU Temperature Frequency Usage
GPU Temperature Memory Usage
RAM Occupied RAM Usage
HDD Temperature Usage
Network Upload Rate Download Rate
Other Date/Time Volume Weather
  • Fully customizable themes (Background, Data displayed, UI)
  • Eco, turns off when you power off your PC
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Display Rotatable (You can use it portrait or horizontal)


  • A Screen
  • A Stand
  •  (Optional) A Dock, we highly recommend purchasing the dock.

The Dock:

It is just a normal Type-C Dock, you can dock type-c devices like a mobile with this dock. 

Driver Download

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Bad Mark
Not quite what I expected and the software is in Chinese

Not quite what I expected. If you want to customize, you will need to learn Python and use an open source project to customize this screen, it is not Plug and Play.

Wish it had touchscreen features, but, oh well.

Bob Smith
Meets Expectations

Firstly, I was specifically looking for a PC monitoring device that did NOT use the second screen HDMI method, so this seemed perfect. Trying it out, it does exactly what it says. While the software takes some getting used and is not entirely intuitive, I would say it was perfect if it could monitor FPS, but I'm not sure how that would be possible without it monitoring some other software such as RTSS, which I think Aida64 does. Otherwise, all good around.

Jeffrey Mechielsen
Amazing little screen

Purchased this as a cheap and easy way to get a PC monitor display so I don't have to fiddle with a small HDMI screen, and I am very impressed by what it can do, displays the details you need with very nice themes in both landscape and portrait mode.

Alexander Mørk
Nice little screen

Really happy with the monitor. Screen is tiny, but surprisingly crisp. Recommended.

Jan Wells

It works okay, but a little confusing until you figure it out. Also somewhat inaccurate about status of package.

Mark Hitt
It’s cool

Works as advertised, driver is limited, not much software behind it.

it works

it does its job. thats about it.

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