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This switch tester is an excellent way to both ensure switch operation and fidget. Powered by a common CR2032 coin battery, this LED-adorned, hot-swap

tester is the perfect way to keep your hands busy or to easily confirm that your switches work. This product comes in a variety of modes.


  1. Press and fade
  2. Press to cycle
  3. Speed test (Better pps increases the color from green to yellow)
  4. x1000 Press Marathon (Lighting changes after you press the keychain 50 times. When you reach 1000 times, the light will turn back to golden.)
  5. x1000000 Press Marathon (Pressing from green to golden color, takes a Million of click


  • 23x23x28mm
  • 36h LED life (per CR2032 battery)
  • PP Housing
  • 3- and 5-pin switch compatible
  • Hotswap
  • 5 modes (press and hold 3 seconds to switch modes)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joshua Ritter

Its so cool

Ballistic Turtle
Neat novelty item. Better quality than the Razer one.

- Switch snaps in very tightly. No chance it's gonna come out accidentally. Good tolerances!
- Frosted case acts as a light defuser, and does it well. Looks good, and uses good quality materials.
- Multiple modes to play with.
- Reasonably priced. They're not overcharging like they could since it's a pretty niche product.
- It's glow-in-the-dark! I didn't see it listed anywhere, but it glows in the dark after being exposed to bright light.

- Actual lighting modes don't seem to match the listed ones on the site. It's close but you really gotta figure them out yourself.
- There is no "hold for RGB cycle, release to turn off" mode. That's the only edge the Razer ones holds over this one. You either have to keep tapping for light, or have it in the mode where it runs constantly until you switch modes to turn it off.
- Cheap lanyard will absolutely break during normal use, and could cause you to lose it. Must upgrade the lanyard to be a usable keychain. Replaced mine with a little metal one. Both are shown in pictures.
- Shipping takes a month, but that's fairly normal for every China-based site I've been to.

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