Terrible software and even worse customer service

Was super excited to get this macro pad as I had seem many people using the wired version and was looking forward to getting it wireless. The construction of the unit is very nice - super solid, no cosmetic issues, and overall very happy with it. However, as soon as I plugged it into my PC I started to notice issues. VIA would sometimes detect my device for a few minutes then while I'm working on adding the macros it'll disconnect. This happened on an off for a couple days so I decided to reach out to customer support for help. They offered me the same advice that is already on the product page for setting up the new macro pad. I tried multiple times of uninstalling and redownloading VIA and still no change. Then I requested for a refund and they immediately ghosted me.

Great improvement over the Tester68

I already had the Tester68 (aka TES68, CIY's cheapest board at about 20$) when I ordered the KBM84Pro and it's truely a big improvement in so many areas:
* flippable feet
* backlighting
* wired connection
* can switch between Windows + Mac layout
...and most importantly:
* the stabilizers are WAY less rattly

I didn’t expect it to be this perfect!

The pad is great but the software needs to be developed to be better and more controls to be add.

good product

It took 20 days from payment to arrival. It took 18 days from payment confirmation to delivery. The product on the website says 10 days arrival, which is completely wrong. Very disappointing with shipping. I like the product. However, as long as the delivery is late, compensation should be made. This product does not include switches and keycaps. Still, the price is high. As a person who purchased this product, I need compensation as the delivery is late.

Doesn't do macros >4 strokes.

According to Keebmonkey's support the macro pad can only do 4strokes or less macros (while wireless). This is unacceptable to me and now they ghosted me since I'm asking for my money back.

A new light is easier on my eyes.

Works and looks great!


The keyboard feels amazing and it's surprisingly heavy considering what it's made of and it even has lube. I would consider it a steal for such a price but it did have a few wrongs, one isn't that crucial but in the preview it is shown you get 2 AAA batteries but I only got 1 not that horrible because I can buy ones but is annoying and the other thing is that one of the plate mount stabs is stuck and isn't coming out and I will need to open it completely to try to fix it. overall a great keyboard if only minor problems that are fixable.

Perfect for my needs, but firmware could be better.

Bought this knowing the pitfalls from previous user reviews.

For the pros. it does what I need it to do and adds extra macro functionality to my work. Love the metal body albeit the fit on the caps is pretty tight. The extra USB outputs also mean convenient daisy chain to other peripherals.

Only major con is the firmware. Without some technical knowledge you might struggle to get this working how you want it using an older version of VIA. In addition the firmware itself doesn't currently support macro with ms delay, something the latest version of VIA supports. There are work arounds, but it would be much simpler if the firmware were updated, or made open source like with other keyboards. Other con is in the fit as cause the frame sits tight around the keycaps and switches some can only be taken out by first dismantling the upper body. Not end of the world, but a minor nuisance in any case if you are inclined to mod frequently.

If the firmware is updated to support ms delay, better detection support in VIA (and even VIAL), and a tweak to the metal body work, then this would be a 5-star macro pad. Would still recommend this for those looking for a compact, yet full featured macro pad just do some research before buying.

Megalodon Triple Knob Macro Pad
Cesar de la Cal Bretschneider
Excellent Keeb, excellent keyboard

The service keebmonkey provides was excellent. Shipping was fast and everything was handled great. The keyboard comes very well packaged.. The keyboard is absolutely excellent. The build quality superb. Can definitely recommend. It looks great on the desk and works very well. Works well with linux! I enjoy the macropad a lot <3

Just Awesome

Put the caps in, smooth, smoother than a new born baby’s butt! The colors are actually pretty awesome! Got great comments from others! Worth the money! They shipped it over in a timely manner.

Gateron Pro Silver 45g (dual-stage springs) - Excellently Smooth, and Low Tolerances

I got 120 of these to build keyboards for both myself and my fiancée, and spent a good long time shopping online for various options. For the price, it's very hard to beat these. They come pre-lubed, and consistency in lubrication was good across all of the ones that I tested. The manufacturing on these is great, with very low tolerances for the stem and the housing, resulting in very stable keypresses and making it almost impossible to make them bind up on off-centre presses. The dual-stage spring in the ones I bought make them nice and snappy: easy to press down with only 45g of force but then they pop back up quickly as soon as you let the pressure off.

Soldering them for my keyboard was nice and predictable, and popping them into my fiancée's hotswap board wasn't difficult at all. The legs were pliable enough that we did bend a few by accident, but carefully bending them back again wasn't a problem.

I've been using them for typing and gaming for just over a month now and can't find anything to say against them, honestly; they knock the socks off of the Cherry Black (linear) and Razer Orange (tactile) switches I've had on previous boards. If you want linear switches with a nice light press and a super-smooth action, you'd be hard-pressed to beat the price on these. Maybe they still fall short of some ultra-premium options, but for a budget switch these are probably some of the best you can get.

Not real SA profile, and bottom three rows are identical

I really like the colour of the red & white set I got, and the fact is they are indeed double-shot, so those are both points for them, but the profile of these keycaps aren't actually SA (though they imitate it). Instead, most of the bottom three rows of keys – with exception of the "big keys" like Shift, Return, etc. – have a horizontal cylindrical cutout/profile, as opposed to the "dish" shape of real SA profile, though starting at the fourth row they take on the dish shape . The bottom three rows have the same height, which doesn't match the SA standard. The fourth row up is correctly sculpted, but this means it's actually lower than the third row, which feels very weird when typing. Materially, they seem durable enough, so I don't expect any wear and tear problems from typing on them, but the sculpting and shape of these caps leaves much to be desired for an SA enthusiast.

Poor execution

Configuration using via is poor and the wired version seems to be getting all of the upgrades. The unit is fairly useless for me given the current state of configurability. I would avoid and save $100. Feels like a solid device in terms of construction...

Megalodon Triple Knob Macro Pad

Overall Good

Was able to install my own macros. Minus one point for confusing setup. Works well after that, I like it.

Be warned - it does not appear to work on my work PC. At first, it works correctly on my work PC. But then Windows says it's installing new device. This removes the functionality and the buttons don't do what they're supposed to. It also makes my regular work keyword stop working for some reason, requiring PC restart. Whatever Windows does in this installation process renders it useless.

That's not the macro keyboard's fault, it is windows. So if you don't intend to use at work, or if you know a workaround, this will greatly increase your productivity. I really like mine.

Great for 2 days.

A FEW DAYS LATER from the update below: Contact with manufacturer/distributor has been exceptionally slow and spotty. (12 hour response time promised to make things worse.) In my attempts at repair as started below. I bricked it with a bad flash file. I read all the reviews and did see a fair number of QC issues, but rolled the dice. It came up snake-eyes and I'm SOL. For the 2 days it worked, I loved it. Buyer beware and all that. I've my box of scraps pictured below.

UPDATE: As of 30 minutes ago the pad crashed after I pressed the large knob mapped to mute. The LEDs were gone, the display went black and functions ceased. Unplug/replug the 4th LED on the 2nd row would briefly flash green, then fade. No response. After attempt on multiple computers and docs I got the first row of LEDs back and the first 3 LEDs on the second row. The screen is back. Function otherwise seems to be in order. I have reflashed 2 firmwares to no avail on fixing this issue. I'll post again should things change.

This is a component with which to build productivity tools upon. It is NOT a complete and ready to use device. You need to make it your own. Much like Lego doesn't come preassembled nor does Lego require you to build in a certain way; this macropad is your to make your own, even if you need to learn a bit to make it happen. Just what I was hoping for!

So, far, minimal progress. I have flashed a few different firmwares each with its own peculiarities. I settled on https://github.com/thompson-vii/kb16_rev2_vial_fw as it gave me more layers (I've yet to imagine what I'll use them for) and automatic detection with Vial. I've matched this with AutoHotKey (AHK) passing the heavy lifting off to it for some things.

Top Left Key: tap opens VSCode with project1, double tap and it opens VSCode with project2, hold and it opens up vVSCode in a blank workspace, tap and hold it opens up documentation for AHK2.

Sure it took me a couple hours to get here, but I look forward to several more getting my initial setup and then tweaking it more and more as time progresses. I take it as training until my Dygma Defy comes in.

Very good for the price

There are better keyboards out there, but this is a very solid one. The function layout is missing a screen brightness feature, which would've been nice on Mac, but it's not a big issue.
The typing sound is very muted/thoccy so if you're into that, it sounds really good.

Shipping was a tad slow, but that is to be expected when shipping to my country so that doesn't deduct any points.

KeebMonkey Transparent SA Profile Keycap

Megalodon Triple Knob Macro Pad
Richard L. Lachance
OK, I found a solution to assign special characters to keys

A simple solution that works for me:

1) Use AutoHotKey to assign a special character (or character sequence) to a unused FN key:
Ex: assign greek mu symbol to Ctrl+F2
^F2::Send, µ

2) Assign C(KC_F2) to a key using VIA or json file
"layers": [

Also, could use a macro building the unicode character:

"macros": [

Piifox Cyber Keycaps
Thomas Porter
Piifox Cyber Keycaps

Wanted a change from fully translucent . These are sharp and have a great cyber color theme 10/10 would buy again (Fast ship, good price!)

Currently using a Glorious Gaming GMK Pro


love it, great quality, color, and price

Very nice product.

Product works as expected.

Not recieved

Still have not received the item. Ups label printed but never shipped.

Good hardware but bad firmware

I already own the wired version of the Megalodon Triple Knob Wireless Macro Pad and I was excited to get a wireless version. The pad is well built with a nice heavy weight. The wireless version has a nice angle versus that the wired lacked. Sadly the firmware only works with an old version of Via, which doesn't support a lot of the macro functions. The discord is also full of people having problems with it spewing random character when macros are used and various other issues, and there is no support activity in the channel from KM.

Hopefully the firmware will eventually be open-sourced and the community can patch it up, or even better the manufacturer will release an updated firmware. If you want it to do anything beyond some basic keys then check the Discord channel before buying to see if the problems have been resolved.

If the software actually worked then I'd give this 5 stars. For now the macropad is just a paperweight on my desk.

Megalodon Triple Knob Wireless Macro Pad