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The Keebmonkey Display Strip is an 8 Inch wide-screen display mini monitor. You are able to display anything you want on the display and enhance your work experience as well as your efficiency. The screen is nicely protected by the aluminum frame.

The screen is not too big to take up the space of your desk setup, however, it is big enough to display as much information as you need it to display. 

The display quality is great, with enough sharpness and contrast, and also brightness, nearly all tasks can be performed on the Keebmonkey Display Bar.

Make sure that you read the Specs to check compatibility!

Want to check out what can you use a Display Strip for? Check out this video by Work From Hype


  7.9 Inch 8.8 Inch
Resolution 1280x400 1920x480
Refresh Rate 60HZ 60HZ
Display IPS IPS
Display Directions Vertical and Horizontal Vertical and Horizontal
Interface HDMI/Mini HDMI (Touch) Mini HDMI
Power Input Micro USB Micro USB
Housing Aluminum Aluminum
Dimension 218x79x14.5 (mm) 233x66x14.5 (mm)
Touch Panel Capacitive screen Capacitive screen
Touch Specs 5 Points 5 Points
Brightness 600cd/m2 600cd/m2
Contrast 800:1 800:1
Driver No No
Mounting Holes M6, M2.5 58x49mm M6, M2.5 58x49mm
Including USB and HDMI Cable USB and HDMI Cable



7.9 7.9T 8.8  8.8T
Windows Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mac OS 12 or lower M1 NO NO Yes Yes (No Touch)
Mac OS 13 M1 NO NO Yes Yes (No Touch)
Pi 3B/3B+/4B Yes Yes Yes Yes



Stand1: Horizontal Stand with Adjustable Angle

Stand2: Original Horizontal Stand mounted by screws

Stand3: Vertical Stand that can be mounted on your table


Shipments will be made within 5-15 days after your purchase depending on the quantity that we sell

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
jim dandy
takes a bit of work but good once you figure it out its a great addition to the desk

the manual is a glorified breakdown of all the ports and screwholes with a numbered diagram and a bit to tell you how to plug it in, but the instructions they give to setup are outdated

But the way i got the touch screen to not just click the main monitor in the wrong orientation, was to set the mini display as the main display, this seems to set the touch orientation to where it should be and actually click the display screen, but obviously now youll have to do the work of setting which monitor you want apps to open on, which youll have to do for every game you play, but atleast it saves to that monitor after closing. but after that you now will have a interactable display to use discord/spotify/pc monitoring etc

i hope this resolves anyones confusion on setting this thing up

Rowen Jay Lamban
Don't keep static for too long

Picture burned in after leaving it for 3 hours. If you're planning on using it as a side monitor, make sure you keep this in mind.

Russell Wyatt
Doesn’t work well with MacBook Pro

Picked one of these up in hopes I could leverage it as a little extra extension of my MacBook but it was a serious hassle just to get it to connect properly. I also could not use the touch features that it supposedly had. I ultimately ended up giving it to a friend that has a PC and of course it worked great. 🤷

Unuseable "touch screen"

Bought the 8.8 screen touch
The screen itself is okay but the touch screen is not a touch screen... its more like an overlaid touch pad thing that is absolutely useless (At least on windows 11, I have not tried other OS)
Touches registers only on the main monitor and the touch pad orientation is fixed (vertical), it does not follow the screen orientation you set
The provided cables are about 3 feet

The buying experience was not great either

Michael McLaughlin
Slightly hard to use

It has a nice display but the drivers dont support smaller resolutions or image scaling. So you are gonna have to squint your eyes to see it. It is a nice device but barely usable

Graham Piscopo
I love it

For the price this thing is really cool. The resolutions is very decent, you can read small text on it just fine. The touch function is responsive, I've had no issues with it. I primarily use it for hardware monitoring or Spotify so I can switch songs in a game or don't have to minimize what I'm in. I played Horizon Zero Dawn on it! I don't know why you would want to do that but you can do it :)

Super happy with this thing and Keebmonkey customer service. They responded to all my questions within about a half a day.

Greatest idea ever

Received the display bar the other day and I LOVE it! It's compact and provides visual information without needing windows to crowd my main monitors.

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