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Not even close to the colors pictures on the site.


It looks like brand new! Certain keys did not function and some others were stuck, but everything was caused by the top cover that wasn't closed good enough so everything was easily fixed.
I am very satisfied with this keyboard. Thank you KeebMonkey!

I'm waiting...

The order went well and I received it quickly.
Unfortunately my Macropad has a defect (a key does not work correctly): the PCB must be changed.
I am in contact with support on Discord and normally they will send me a new PCB (I have been waiting for 20 days).
I will be able to give you my opinion when my macropad will be repaired and functional.

Not ok

Why the hell does it have nude in the name
Inappropriate and not good

Annoying to use, resolution too high to be usable

Doesn’t take video signal over USB-C like I had hoped. The resolution is really, really high, which is nice, but you have to scale everything up in Windows’ display settings to make the thing usable. I wish I hadn’t bought it. Looks cool, and build quality is great, but it’s just not practical.

Unboxing Video

Came in with the FN key not working

So, it arrived with a key not working and now I cant switch between devices or use the F row (F1, F2 and so on)..

Great board!

Love the gasket mount board. Opening up the kit was not too difficult, just prying from the edges and your in. Stabs were pre-lubed but I added more. Tape mod on the PCB and I stuffed the inside of the case with some sound dampening material. Great sound from linear switches (tangerines). RGB lighting is really nice, I might change switches to something clear to get better color from the LEDs.

Good Macropad!

The Macropad works really well, the knobs all feel really nice to use and are really easy to press.
For VIA use just search for this specific macropad and you will probably find the templates used to import the design, after that it's really easy to work with and changes are made instantly.
The cable could be a bit nicer but you can change it if you own one yourself.

About KeebMonkey: I ordered the Navy version and after asking them about shipping dates they told me that the Navy version had a long lead time for shipping. I asked them if they could change the order from Navy to Black and they did without any questions or extras. Really nice of them! It arrived fairly quickly afterwards.

Great Deskmat!

Bought this as a gift for a friend and they loved it! It's a fairly soft deskmat and I really liked the design!

Lovey keycaps

A shame I didn't notice that they aren't fit for ISO UK, still I'm the envy of the office with a space bar like that!! A must have for space fans.

A well built mediocre device.

If you're interested in using more than key combinations you're SOL. You get 16 macros and the ANY special key functionality is broken in VIA 1.3.1 (Mac OS). Which is the only version that the Megalodon Triple Knob Macro Pad is compatible with. That's right, this device isn't compatible with VIA 2+ or even 3. At this outlandish price I wouldn't bother with it if I were you.

The Keebmonkey Display Bar
Michael McLaughlin
Slightly hard to use

It has a nice display but the drivers dont support smaller resolutions or image scaling. So you are gonna have to squint your eyes to see it. It is a nice device but barely usable

Not As Good As Triple Knob, But Works Fine

I like the triple knob version, which has more precise knob turning and more keys for just $20 more, but this one works fine.

4 stars for the knob not turning as precisely (volume goes up/down by 8 as the other reviewer stated.

Works Great!

Lots of layers, VIA compatible after a bit of trial and error, and looks and feels good to use.

Solidly Built, With One Caveat

I got two of these at $79 each (bought the second after I received the first), and it definitely is solidly built, and it's a nice way to display a board (even without the lights on). My first one came without the included stand, but after emailing customer service and PMing them on Discord, I was assured that my second order would include two to make up for my first one not having it.

No keeb yet to display (since no stand), but it was pretty straightforward in terms of how to build it. The screws hold all corners together, and the front window pane slides out in order to access the inside of the board.

Again, I haven't put a keeb in there since I'm missing a stand, but my second order with both stands should be here within a week or two!

edit: January 27th

I received my second order of the display box, but again it came with no stand (Keebmonkey stated they would include 2 to make up for my first order of the display box not having one). I'm going to obviously give the customer service department a chance to respond and hopefully either send me two stands, or refund me $60 (as one stand is $30). Until then, I'm lowering the review to 3 stars, as the boxes themselves are solid, but the description is misleading (or whomever is packaging the items is forgetful).

good value but weird thing with the case

bought KBM68 with Flamingo and TTC switches, its a tester68 alright and it was nice value but the case was partly yellowish like it was stained and the rest white for some reason as opposed to my other tester68 that is fully white, not sure what is that about.

Not my BEST keyboard but my Favorite

I just wish is was aluminum or metal not such a cheap plastic. I really would of paid much more if the case were made of a better material.

No Firmware Upgrade Ability

I’m happy with the design, disappointed that I can modify the firmware to really utilize the macros. I primarily purchased for the layers and macros too! Would definitely change my review to 5 stars if I could do this.

High Quality - Everything You Could Want!

Although delivery took a while (3 weeks) the wait was worth it! The materials and strength of this tool kit are all excellent! The case is metallic with a little button to eject the kit out of its little case. Additionally, it comes with many, many screw drive headers such as security or the normal Phillips head. Overall, a great product!


i was honestly pleasantly surprised at the quality of this keyboard. a lot cheaper than a lot of other 1800 layouts too

Keebmonkey 1800 V2.0 Gasket Keyboard Barebones

Beautiful keycaps, wrong color, not enough

I really like the set, but I received the wrong color (I ordered mint, but I got orange), and it doesn't have all of the caps I need to fit either my Keychron V6 (108-key full-size) or Keychron K2V2 75%.


These work great to add a little flair to my current keycap set. I only used five of the keys from this for my board, but I'll be putting the rest to good use on a numpad or as a mashup with another set for another board. The spacebar has a few uneven spots in the mold that are slightly raised, but it's only noticeable if you slide your fingers over the entire spacebar slowly. Overall, a nice add on for cheap

Product did not ship as advertised

Ordered an in-stock product that did not ship for weeks, then customer service stopped replying to my inquiry emails regarding order cancellation after long delays. I still haven't received any word back, and will be escalating the inquiry.