MOMOKA Frog Linear Keyswitch

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MOMOKA Frog Switch

The MMK Frog switch is a 56cN Operating Force linear switch designed and manufactured by MOMOKA. This is a high-quality linear, with high-quality factory lubing, low wobble, and pleasant sounds all around. Highly recommended.

​Type: Linear

Operating Force: 54cN

Maximum Force: 62cN

Total Travel: 3.70mm


Material: PC (Upper Housing)

              POM (Stem)

              PA66 (Base)

              SUS304 Steel (Spring)

              CuSn4 (Contacts)

Durability: >50M Actuations

LED Compatibility: SMD, RGB

Greasing: In-Factory, GP105


More Details and Pictures Here 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great stock sound

One of the reasons I decided to get the Frogs is because I heard they're one of the best sounding stock linears, and I would have to agree! Exactly what I was hoping for, and the switches arrived in good shape.

Kamal Paspuleti
Nice linear switches.

I personally never heard of Momoka Frog Switches, and they were the first switch I bought, for my first build. I did not lube them, and they feel pretty smooth stock, with a soft springiness. The switch is a little sensitive and I can actuate it accidentally if I am not careful, but overall nice switches.

Chris Tran

Good stuff


Feels a little heavier than gateron blacks. They look nice and feel good!

Solid Switches

I put these in my ajazz i35 and they sound nice :) goooooood factory lube :D

Anthony Franqui
Origianlly got these as a YOLO buy. no regrets

I didn't have any expectations on this switch. I needed some in stock switches for a build that I was just throwing together. Saw a post about these on Reddit and pulled the trigger. These are some really nice switches. My daily drivers are Zeal PC Sakurios and I think these are my new favorite. The light factory lube is noticeable. They have a good feel and are very smooth. I recommend these if you are a linear person who likes switches on the lighter side.

Grun Balin
An excellent mechanical switch!

Because it's pre-lubricated, the operation is light and very smooth, and the sound is quiet.
It feels not inferior to my Topre keyboard.
It's the best choice for many who find it difficult to lubricate their switches.

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