Keebmonkey Wireless Keyboard Display Box

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The Keebmonkey Wireless Display Box Delivers a warm and glowy light at night. The LED Module can be magnetically attracted to the case, offering convenience in charging when the battery is dead. A Radar is installed onto the LED module, which the box can automatically light up when people pass. 

Fulfillment: In 45 Days. (Free sea shipping to the US, +10 USD Standard Shipping)


D/M: 40x20x20 (Centimeters)

LED: 3400K 30(Centimeters)

Stand: Included

Panels: Mirror Boards x2, Slidable Door x1, Top and side Panels x3.

LED Mode: On, Off, Auto

Battery Life:

More than 20 Hrs. (Always on)

About 180 Days. (Auto Mode)

Charging: 3 Hrs

Customer Reviews

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Joshua Ritter
Cool if you have a lot of bords


Hugh Crowder
Solidly Built, With One Caveat

I got two of these at $79 each (bought the second after I received the first), and it definitely is solidly built, and it's a nice way to display a board (even without the lights on). My first one came without the included stand, but after emailing customer service and PMing them on Discord, I was assured that my second order would include two to make up for my first one not having it.

No keeb yet to display (since no stand), but it was pretty straightforward in terms of how to build it. The screws hold all corners together, and the front window pane slides out in order to access the inside of the board.

Again, I haven't put a keeb in there since I'm missing a stand, but my second order with both stands should be here within a week or two!

edit: January 27th

I received my second order of the display box, but again it came with no stand (Keebmonkey stated they would include 2 to make up for my first order of the display box not having one). I'm going to obviously give the customer service department a chance to respond and hopefully either send me two stands, or refund me $60 (as one stand is $30). Until then, I'm lowering the review to 3 stars, as the boxes themselves are solid, but the description is misleading (or whomever is packaging the items is forgetful).

edit: February 11th

I received both stands, and have updated my overall star rating to a 5/5. The stands are wonderful and nicely built, and pair well with the display box. If buying the display box, EMAIL/CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE to make sure that your order will come with the included stand!

In the end, I received all items that were in the item description, but had to wait a couple of months due to back-and-forth emails to customer service for my missing stands. Customer service was great, however.

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