Keebmonkey 3rd Clearance Sale

variant: MOMOKA Xmas Keycaps SSS
Sale price$27.00


This is the third clearance sale of Keebmonkey. 


The shipping is 5 USD to the US and 7 USD to the rest of the world no matter how much you purchase. There is generally just 1 available stock for each variant. 

You get what you see in the photo 

Product Grading:

SSS: Brand New, unused even once, only opened and checked the quality and the design.

SS: Nearly Brand New, unused

S: Nearly Brand New, unused, maybe a little bit aged and dusty.

A: Less New, but still new, aged, dustier

B: New junk, aged, old, and dusty

Products are priced at a bit higher price compared to the previous clearance sales because most of the products this time are brand new, not even unpacked until we decide to clear them, you will get things that are worth the buck.

You see what you get, we are sorry but we would not like to answer any questions regarding the clearance items because we are not familiar with them. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Keycaps for cheaps but could have been better

Managed to snag this keycap set for cheap but would have liked it better if the set was more complete. Also, the thickness is pretty bad at 1.3mm average. Other than that, the print seems to be fairly consistent and crisp.

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