Keebmonkey 1800 Gasket Keyboard Kit

Variant: Keyboard Kit (No Switches and Keycaps)
Sale price$78.00


This keyboard has 99 Keys, a knob, an FR4 plate, a 3000-mAh battery, an 2.4G dongle, is hot-swappable, gasket mounted, and only selling for a perfect price of 75 USD.

In Stock.


  • Type: Gasket Mounted
  • Keys: 99 + 1 Knob(Clickable)
  • Connection: 2.4G (Dongle Included), BT5.1, Wired
  • Super-low latency
  • 3 Device Memory (Bluetooth)
  • Socket: Kailh Hot-Swap Sockets
  • Plate: FR4
  • North-Facing
  • Dampening Pad and switch-bottom pad included
  • Stock Stabs: Plate Mount Stabs
  • Type-C Daughter PCB
  • White LED Customizable Backlights
  • Remappable Keys (With customizable software)
  • High-quality Angled cable included 
  • PBT Double-Shot Keycaps (Optional) 
  • Battery: 3000-mAh
  • MAC/Win Support
  • Driver:

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Vishal Karmilkar
Item doesn’t work

This pos board is fault. This is the 2nd one i’ve gotten of this brand- and its trash.

Great Quality and build, awful software and teardown

This Keyboard looks great and feel great for the price point. Been using it for a couple months paired with Akko Jelly blacks and Keytok Sweet Monster Keycaps. The stabs are prelubed and with a little extra syringed in they sound great. Knob feels good and is able to be changed out if desired. I don't like wireless so I planned on pulling out the battery in this and holy moly it was a pain to get it open. I wrenched on it pretty hard to free the tabs around the case and eventually it came apart. I definitely won't be opening it very often just because of that. Also, the software is absolutely awful and unusable. Don't bother with it. It's almost a dealbreaker if it wasn't such a good value.

moayed alghmdi
insane value for the price

only small complaint is opening the board was a little bit annoying, screws holding the plastic cover wouldve been lovely.

Rachael McCann
Great first keyboard!

I'm a mechanical keyboard noob, went with this because it was one of the only ones I could find in the 1800 layout, which I was dead set on getting, and because of the price. Shipping wasn't terribly long, packaging was very secure. Love all the LED modes, and although the lights look more pink/purple than white I honestly like that more. Really the only complaint I could make is that a few of the stabilizers were over-lubed so a few keys were sticky, nothing I couldn't fix on my own. Also, if you're really into custom modding the PCB and plate stuff, you'd have to take apart the casing to get into it and it was REALLY hard to pull apart. Had to wedge several thin flathead screwdrivers in between the panels to push in the tabs, definitely gouged the plastic a little. All that aside, really happy with this purchase!

Office keeb
Great for the money

I was shocked. I expected less quality for the price point. This is my daily driver in the office. The stabs were lubed and the keycaps are thick. The sound profile is great as well. I recommend tape and foam to mute the bottom out noise. I would buy this again. Plan to wait a while for shipping.

John Matthias
Excellent value

The switches I transferred to it sound so much better, with the board has a nice bit of bounce. It feels solid and has a good weight (without having to resort to an added weight). Really, a great overall value.

Nice board but nonexistent service

Keyboard is really nice, stabs are well lubed with barely to no rattling or pinging, software is okay. One hotswap socket doesn't work even with different switches used, and customer service hasn't replied back in over a week. Unless you have experience soldering, you'll be on your own if you buy this keyboard.

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