KeebMonkey Iceberg Linear Switches


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The Keebmonkey Iceberg is a budget linear switch at an exceptional price, customized from a reliable manufacturer.


The switch is smoother thanks to the dust-proof moulds and factory lube, ensuring no extra work is needed to bring them to a usable state. It also has less spring and leaf ping than competing switches. 

The switch uses an extended dual-rate spring, ensuring flawless activation and satisfying feel every time. The actual usage forces are slightly higher than listed thanks to this.


Switch in Video:

1. Iceberg Switch 2. Gateron Cap yellow 3. TTC pink gold 4. MOMOKA Frog


Contact for review inquires.



Char: Low force linear switch, 3Pin

Pressure: 46gF Actuation, 55gF Bottom out

Upper Housing: PC

Stem: POM

Base: Nylon

Spring: Dual-rate extended steel spring

Lube: Lubed in Factory


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Nice at start annoying after half a year

I lubed them and they were nice at the beginning but then they just became a problem. Often not clicking or do double input. Disappointed.

Ilan Paskar
Iceberg linear switches

Said they were factory lubed but they were bone dry. Very disappointing.

Great value

I love these switches so far, I've been using them for a week in my TES84 and they are very satisfying.
It was noted in another review that they received defective switches but I did not experience this as every switch I received was functional

Poor QC

Around 10 of the 70 switches I ordered were defective and produced plenty of chatter and inconsistent output. This was rather disappointing, and because of the poor QC, defective design, or whatever it may be, I cannot recommend these switches. For the switches that didn't fail, they are rather smooth and the long springs provide a very fun typing experience. Soundwise, they have a high pitched bottom out sound.

Gateron Silver Pros are a much better option, with the added bonus of them actually being functional!

Good switches but deteriorate over time

The switches are very nice, no complaints there, but they aren't dustproof. Because of this, they will get worse performance to they point that they stop working when they're in a keyboard for longer than about 6 months. This is very sad because they are very nice but they just stop working after a while.

Savanna Osowski

KeebMonkey Iceberg Linear Switches

Bad Mark
Good choices at decent prices

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