Megalodon Lumine Macro Pad

Variant: Black




The Megalodon Display Macro Pad is not just a practical input tool, but also a dream display platform for action figure enthusiasts. It features a 5.6 cm diameter soft-light display platform on top of the keyboard, allowing your beloved action figures to shine and become the center of attention.
Why don't you place your favorite figure on top of this macro pad?

Material: Aluminum Alloy, Acrylic
Dimensions: 77.6*103.7*22.5mm
Weight: 204.5g
Layout: 3 keys
Buttons: 2
Connection: Type-C
VIA Compatible: 3 keys and 2 buttons
Hot Swappable

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Customer Reviews

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Major Idiot
I am big weeb

Before I got my hands on the Megalodon Display Macro Pad, I thought my desk setup was at its peak. Boy, was I wrong!

As a colossal weeb who has an insatiable passion for anime figures, this macro pad took my love for action figures to new heights. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a device that not only enhances my workflow but also turns my desk into an exhibit for my cherished figures.

The 5.6 cm diameter soft-light display platform is nothing short of genius. Each time I placed one of my beloved anime figures on top, it felt like I was giving them the stage they truly deserved. The gentle light emanating from the platform truly made my figures the pièce de résistance of my workspace. It's like having a spotlight on my favorite characters, reminding me of the countless hours spent immersing myself in their stories.

Some might say my enthusiasm for anime and the lengths I go to showcase my figures borders on clinical insanity, but if that's the case, the Megalodon Display Macro Pad is the perfect kind of crazy I've been looking for.

Why would anyone settle for just placing their figures on a shelf when they can give them the red-carpet treatment on top of this macro pad? It’s not just a device; it's an experience. So, fellow enthusiasts, if you have a cherished action figure collecting dust somewhere, it's time to make it shine. Place it atop the Megalodon, and let the world see your passion in all its illuminated glory.

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