Kailh BOX Jade & BOX Navy Switches


Title: Jade
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Kailh BOX Navy and Kailh BOX Jade Switches

Reliable, heavy-duty clicky switches trusted to provide that satisfying, crisp snap you can only get with a clickbar. Very popular and highly recommended.


Type Clicky
Travel Distance 2mm Actuation | 3.6mm Bottom
Force 60g Operating | 90g Bottom
Manufacturer Kailh
Mount 3-Pin





Type Clicky
Travel Distance 2mm Actuation | 3.6mm Bottom
Force 50g Operating | 60g Bottom
Manufacturer Kailh
Mount 3-Pin



Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Alex Karpov
Nice and clucky jade switches

I like the creamy click of this switch, esaplally compared to my old 2014 razer blackwidows green keys!

Kalih Jade + Shipping Review

As a Canadian store, local expedited shipping took 3 weeks. This is probably due to them ordering from China.

The switches are fine, small pkg, no dmgs.


I got some of each to see which click I preferred. Both are absolutely excellent and I prefer the jade, but anyone who likes heavier actuation will be happy with navy.

Andrew H
Let me play for you the song of my people

Clicky to the max, as promised. I got the Jades and they're fun, though tbh I might be a Blue guy at heart. They arrived quickly at my place in Vancouver BC Canada. The switches all seemed to work fine, no duds in the batch that I installed.

John Matthias

Switches arrived intact and at a reasonable shipping cost.

Daniel W
Heavy and Satisfying Clicks (Navy)

After using Outemu Blues for so long on my old Red Dragon keyboard, I was on the search for a heavier, more satisfying clicky switch. I was considering Cherry MX Greens, but I couldn't them available anywhere. Searching through forums and Youtube for the clicky switch for me, I eventually came upon Kailh BOX Navy switches. And they're perfect.

For the first couple of days using them, my hands cramped up a little from the actuation force required. However, after a week of using them, I've gotten used to it, and no longer have the same hand pains. For typing, they're a pleasure to use. For gaming, they may be a bit too much, so I think I'll make another keeb specifically for gaming.

Sound-wise, the click is so very satisfying. I currently have them in my new GMMK Pro, and they the clicks have a deep signature to them.

Build-wise, they're quite firm, and feel much more robust than my stock Outemu blues.

Would recommend to anyone wanting a heavier, clackier switch!

Box Navies

They have very heavy springs but you'll quickly get use to them. I honestly love these switches for the tactility. The click-bar is definitely loud, but I wouldn't call them unpleasant. In fact, I actually rather like the sounds using MT3 profile caps! Totally recommend them as they're part of my current daily setup.

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