Gateron Pro Series (2021)


Type: Yellow SMD 3Pin
販売価格$0.23 通常価格$0.25


These Gateron switches are an excellent addition to any budget build, at a low cost for good performance. 

Specs are available on the Gateron website here.

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David Easthope
Gateron Pro Silver 45g (dual-stage springs) - Excellently Smooth, and Low Tolerances

I got 120 of these to build keyboards for both myself and my fiancée, and spent a good long time shopping online for various options. For the price, it's very hard to beat these. They come pre-lubed, and consistency in lubrication was good across all of the ones that I tested. The manufacturing on these is great, with very low tolerances for the stem and the housing, resulting in very stable keypresses and making it almost impossible to make them bind up on off-centre presses. The dual-stage spring in the ones I bought make them nice and snappy: easy to press down with only 45g of force but then they pop back up quickly as soon as you let the pressure off.

Soldering them for my keyboard was nice and predictable, and popping them into my fiancée's hotswap board wasn't difficult at all. The legs were pliable enough that we did bend a few by accident, but carefully bending them back again wasn't a problem.

I've been using them for typing and gaming for just over a month now and can't find anything to say against them, honestly; they knock the socks off of the Cherry Black (linear) and Razer Orange (tactile) switches I've had on previous boards. If you want linear switches with a nice light press and a super-smooth action, you'd be hard-pressed to beat the price on these. Maybe they still fall short of some ultra-premium options, but for a budget switch these are probably some of the best you can get.

Rahul Dhar
Good switches

Exactly as expected. Decent linear option.

Shai Gold

Gateron Pro Series (2021)

Justin F
Very smooth but quite clacky and high pitched

Can't complain for the price. Very smooth. Depends if you like this sound profile or not and if your keyboard may influence the sound better or worse.

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Gateron Pro Series (2021)

Nice Sound

It is very creamy and light pitched just like i wanted them and they were really good for the price BUT if you want them like that then you are going to have to lube them

Etai Nadler
Nice switch

Great value for price, amazing for a budget build. They sound amazing and very smooth. 4 stars for a bit of inconsistent lubing, but should be too big of a deal for someome who wont care. Very recommended!

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