MOMOKA ZOO 65 Keyboard Kit Purple Limited Edition

Variant: Purple Kit
Sale price$169.00




We are really happy to tell you that, we have purchased the last 41 Pieces of MOMOKA ZOO 65 Keyboards from MOMOKA! What is more is that this is the purple limited version that was only available in China. In order to celebrate Cyber Monday, we are listing this item for only 169 USD, which is exact the GB price of this keyboard! Shipping is not included in the price because the margin of the ZOO65 is not even enough to cover the shipping of the product. 28 USD is charged for global standard shipping.


● 6063 aluminum alloy case, anodized, 150-mesh sandblasted

● PORON gasket mount

● 66 keys

● 6° typing angle

● 1.06Kg (2.3Lbs) case weight

● Polycarbonate plate standard (Gold-plated FR4 as an add-on)

● 19.6mm front height

● Available in Purple

● 323.9 x 177mm

What’s Included (Basic Kit)

● Top & bottom case

● Kailh hot swap PCB

● Polycarbonate plate, 1.5mm thickness

● PORON sandwich pad, 3.7mm thickness

● PORON bottom pad, 3mm thickness

● IXPE bottom pad, 0.5mm thickness

● 16x PORON upper gasket, 2mm thickness

● 16x PORON lower gasket, 3mm thickness

● 6x silicone feet

● Taiwan Fangsheng hexagonal screws

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