James donkey A3 Gasket Keyboard Kit

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The James Donkey A3 Keyboard is an 80% gasket-mounted keyboard that has all the functions that you can ever think of. This keyboard has 81 Keys, a knob, a Polycarbonate plate, a 3000-mAh battery, and a 2.4G dongle, is hot-swappable, gasket mounted, with RGBs, and only selling for a surprising price of 72 USD. By the way, finally, the RGBs are south-facing.

The gasket pro structure of the keyboard delivers better flex and enhanced sound performance.

Keyboard: With Gateron Silver Switches + High-quality Keycaps

  • Type: Gasket Mounted, Gasket Pro Structure
  • Keys:  81+ 1 Knob(Clickable)
  • Connection: 2.4G (Dongle Included), BT5.1, Wired
  • Super-low latency
  • 3 Device Memory (Bluetooth)
  • Socket: Kailh Hot-Swap Sockets
  • Plate: PC
  • South-Facing
  • Dampening Pad and switch-bottom pad included (silicone and EVA)
  • Stock Stabs: PCB Mount Stabs
  • White RGB Customizable Backlights
  • Remappable Keys (With customizable software)
  • Battery: 3000-mAh
  • MAC/Win Support
  • Driver: http://wiki.keebmonkey.com/

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Customer Reviews

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Roger Chang
Amazing value for money

With a board with the build quality and modification possibilities, plus 3/5pin south facing RGB, gasketish mounting, and the hex screws? For only $62/70 USD?
This is a great option to buy to mod or just to have a solid 75 layout + knob in your rotation. For the entry price, add your own switches and keycaps, you're away laughing.

Maxim Capsa
i like it

the board packs quite a bit for its price, imo its better than gas67 price/quality wise, though the bottom side of the spacebar is awkwardly close to hitting the top case, plate doesn't stay perfectly still when disassembled so i am quite sure that when you screw it in you might have the spacebar hit the topcase

Solid board for the price!

Currently using this board and I'm pleased with it, I'm now waiting for the orange variant of the Keytok CTRL Semi-Transparent Keycap Set to pair with it, it feels solid, and can confirm that the issue with the spacebar scrapping the case is no longer a thing.
the typing experience is a new one to me as I've never really used gasket-mounted boards before but I'm really enjoying it so far

Unbeatable for what you get at this price point

And can be even better with just a little bit of modification

Andy Nguyen

James donkey A3 Gasket Keyboard Kit

Diwa Reyes
James Donkey A3

Amazing keyboard for the price. YES it has little sound profile, but sounds great if you remove the silicone case fill and poron plate foam, replacing it with a PE foam and tape mod.

I added a penny mod and some cherry keycaps to take advantage of the south facing LEDs.

typing flex is meh at best, but that might because of my penny mod.

the accompanying daughterboard cable is crazy stiff and pops out if in the wrong position, I recommend replacing it (the cable).

BT and 2.4 work perfectly, but i've been having issues with the keyboard shutting off when plugged in. Not sure if its software or hardware. Still looking into it.

Like I said, FOR THE PRICE, its amazing, especially now that they fixed the software to customize the keys. I recommend this over any of the other budget TKLs that have clips holding the top and bottom case (if you intend to modify it).

A very good budget keyboard with subpar stabs

One of the best gasket keyboards I've typed with in this price range. The flex when you type is very noticeable, giving you a very nice and soft typing feel. The battery being attached to the PCB is a very poor decision on the manufacturer's part, as it affects the flex of the entire keyboard, as well as brings unevenness to the sound depending on which keys you press. I, personally, detached the battery from the PCB and stuck it to the bottom of the case with the strong adhesive it still had.

Out of the box, this keyboard sounded pretty bad. But after detaching the battery from the PCB, removing the silicon case foam and adding polyfill, replacing the stock switch foam with PE foam, adding a tape mod, and re-lubing the stabs, I managed to make the keyboard sound thocky. The only issue is that the stabs are pretty underwhelming... even after all the mods and lubing, it still sounded off. Replacing the stabs might be necessary to make this keyboard even worth investing in.

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