SoulCat To the Universe Cherry Profile PBT Keycaps



Lead Time: 30 Days (1 Nov)

These beautiful, space-themed keycaps are good for any build. Coming with robust dye sublimation legends in durable PBT material, these are an excellent option for any application.


PBT Material

131 Keycaps Included

Dye Sublimation Legends

Cherry Profile


Customer Reviews

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Fabio Feria
Product has not arrived yet

I know, its been 27 days but the keycaps have not arrived yet, and the tracking shows not estimate time of arrival. Very Dissapointing

Emil Wasilewski

I love this set. I am a big space nerd and this set hits home. It really feels like a premium set. Colors are exactly like I hoped for and the print quality is nice. Even the smaller parts of the images are crisp. Only negative thing is the varying stroke width on some keycaps but it does not bother me.

Gorgeous and quality

These keys arrived in great packaging and fairly quickly (couple weeks). Each keys was isolated in the package and the print quality is on point. I love every single key.

Sean Harrison

These are really nice keycaps for the price. The images are nice and clear. The caps are also nice and thick. They aren't the best keycaps I own but they are pretty darn nice for the price.

Thomas Fear

literally nothing to complain about, colours, art, and overall quality are perfect

Ben Cobley
Awesome set

If you like Space and some quality PBT keycaps then this set is pure class. The legends look great and it comes pack with plenty of really cool modifiers.

Excellently made and fantastic aesthetics!

This set is very nice and thick with a subtle but pleasant texture to them. Since they're PBT and cherry profile they are extremely comfortable to type on. They also have rather crisp legends with a really nice font that almost gives off a handwritten vibe and I really love it, looks even better in real life. The bottoms of the caps are a little sharp, but I haven't noticed any major inconsistencies in the machining. That is absolutely excellent for the price. My biggest problem is that some of the keys that got images rather than text seemed a little random for some of the modifiers. Not a big deal for a more standard 100% or TKL layout, but slightly annoying for a 75% layout.

All in all, fantastic keycap set that is 100% worth the price paid and wait for shipping. On my Keychron Q1 they are an absolute dream. The addition of all the extra novelties and caps with different colorways for personalization is icing on the cake.

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