MOMOKA Forest of Elves Keycaps

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An excellent keycap set for those in tune with nature. At home on any keyboard.


PBT Material

151 Keycaps Included

Cherry Profile 

Dye Sublimation Legends

Customer Reviews

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Jamison Collins
Fantastic Keycap Set

First off, the shipping. I ordered these on Nov 3rd and just received them today on Nov 27th. As these came from China, the shipping took awhile. This was about what I expected, but I wanted to mention it for future buyers.

As for the keycaps? They're honestly great. They're fairly thick PBT and have a smooth texture, they've been a joy to type on. The forest green and cream white colorway also pairs perfectly. The novelties are a nice touch and the legends look great (especially the hiragana sub legends). This set also has plenty of keys to accommodate almost any layout. I bought these for my GMMK Pro, since it comes with a 1.75u shift and also 1u Alt, Fn and CTRL which makes this set a perfect match for it.

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